6 Statement Earrings Trends to Know for Fall 2017

As fall transitions us to cooler months, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From fashion tips and makeup trends to hairstyles and home décor, we’re excited to see how these stylistas gear up for fall weather. This week, we’re welcoming Candace of Live Love & Read to share how she styled six must-try statement earring trends for fall.

At the start of every season, I like to dedicate a day or so to sitting down and familiarizing myself with the anticipated trends for the season.  While I would love to say that I am the gal who purchases her must-have fashion items weeks (even months) before the season actually commences, that just is not my reality. Furthermore, as a woman who believes in making that dollar stretch as far as it can, I’ve found it advantageous to wait until right before the season begins so you actually see what’s “headlining” for the season, as opposed to “trending.” Smart, huh?

While there are quite a few fall 2017 trends that I can’t wait to try, the one I am most excited for is the statement earring.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it until my dying days: accessories (especially statement earrings) are a simple, surefire way to instantly transform a look without breaking the bank. Although the idea of “statement jewelry” has been present for the majority of this year, the earring department has made some true strides. In fact, I can say with confidence that the statement earring has taken the lead.

Now that you know statement earrings are majorly headlining for fall 2017, here are THE SIX earring trends you need to know for the season.

The concept of a hoop earring has been around for quite some time. Sadly, it went out of style for a short while but is making a strong comeback in 2017. From thinner, to accented, to uniquely colored hoops, the options are truly endless. As you begin to build your go-to statement earring collection for fall, I encourage you to specifically look for large metal hoops. If you are really looking to be adventurous with your accessory style, find a hoop that has a subtle accent mid-hoop, such as this one.

With a good metal hoop in your collection, you can wear them with nearly anything and everything. You could do something as simple as a mock neck top and distressed denim to something as elevated as a slip dress paired with an oversized cowl neck sweater. So, if you are looking for a statement earring with great versatility, the hoop trend was made for YOU.

The tassel trend made its way onto the scene last spring, along with pom-poms. I was not sure if it was a trend bound to stay, but here we are (nearly a year and a half later) and it’s still here. And honestly, time has done it well, as the tassel options feel even more elevated and stylish than when they were first introduced. When it comes to tassel, you can go one of two ways…you can do the beaded tassel that has waterfall effect or you can do the thread tassel. Either are great options, so it truly comes down to personal preference when it comes to the direction you want to go.

The beaded tassel is great for those fall looks that truly need to be dressier in nature, while the thread tassel is great for more causal looks. The perfect pairing for a beaded tassel would be a fall-inspired off-the shoulder top, black denim and a nice stiletto for a date night.

The threaded fringe would pair well with a more casual fall tee, flare jeans and suede ankle boots…think 70’s style.  As a stylist, I would encourage you just to get one of each, as I do not foresee tassels going out of style anytime soon.

Say hello to the ball drop trend. I must admit, this may be one of my favorites. What is so interesting about this trend is that it has dimension and depth to it. As you begin to explore the ball drop trend, you will realize it comes in a variety of sizes. I recommend sticking with the medium to large sizes. If the ball drop is too small, it does not have the same effect. And if you get it too large, the earrings have a tendency to take the attention away from your face and bring the focus to the earring alone.

How you style this type of bauble is dependent upon the material you select, as it comes in multiple options – just like the tassel thread. The most common options of the ball drop trend are metal and threaded. With the metal ball drop, I would style it with a mock neck bell sleeve sweater for fall, nicely colored denim and open-back boot.

As for the threaded ball drop, I would opt to do something a bit more playful. The important thing with the ball drop is the neckline of your blouse. You do not want the earring and neckline to compete with one another. So, if you select a mock neck style, be sure it is a lower cut.

The Crystal Drop will most definitely be the “fanciest” style in your fall statement earring collection. With a crystal of some sort as the focal point of this jewelry design, it was made for the fanciful autumn moments. When you are selecting this style of earring, opt for a neutral stone color so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Much like the tassel, the crystal drop concept isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which is why it is important to select a color that is timeless, rather than just trendy. The crystal drop comes in multiple sizes as well, but for most of us gals, I would recommend that we do a small to medium size so it does not overwhelm the face.

When you approach styling the crystal drop, think dressier. A more luxe blouse paired with a cropped flare trouser and block heels. Or you can even do a little black dress, tights and over-the-knee boots.

If you like the idea of a fun, casual spin-off of the crystal drop, then the sequin trend may be your jam. What’s fun about the sequin bauble is that it is playful in nature. While you could opt to create a slightly dressier look, I vote that you do something more whimsical stylistically.

The sequin was made for a Friday night when paired with cotton shirting fabric (which is also a headliner for the fall season), a pleated metallic skirt and an ankle boot.

Last but certainly not least is the threader statement earring trend. Without question, this is definitely the most unique earring trend of them all. While the earring looks like it is actually threaded through the earring hole, the front post is one piece and the back is the other piece. It’s an illusion piece. I will be the first to admit that I was a bit apprehensive of trying this earring concept, as it reminded me of the 80’s. However, it’s grown on me by the minute.

The threader concept was made for the more minimalist gal. She loves the idea of a big statement earring, but wants to achieve that concept a bit more minimally. The threader stands out when styled simply…with a long-sleeved crew neck tee, dark skinny denim jeans and black block heel ankle boot.

So, there you have it – the six must-know statement earring trends for fall 2017! Remember, including statement jewelry is one the easiest ways to bring new life to your wardrobe. Rather than stressing yourself out thinking about having every single trend represented in your closet, focus on a few. And if you are going to narrow that focus, the statement earring should definitely be one of them! Showcase your personal style by wearing this unforgettable accessory.

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Candace is the fashionista behind Live Love & Read, a blog on how to make style the affordable accessory in every woman’s life. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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