Bridal eye make-up for the natural bride

Summer weddings are in full swing with many other brides knee deep in their wedding planning I wanted to come to you today and talk about how to create beautiful natural make up for the bride. Many brides are deciding more and more to do their make-up themselves and one of the benefits of this, and a reason that many brides are choosing to do their own make up is because nobody knows and understands you like you do, and if you are able to create a look you love there is nothing better than doing your own make up.


Start with a natural base

When it comes to creating a natural base it is very easy and no matter your skin level you will find you are able, with the right products and tools, to create a base of face make up that you are proud of. You will want to start with a base layer, and using a facial primer which is great for photos will help no end as this will undoubtedly be the most photographed day of your life thus far. On top add a long lasting foundation and be sure to avoid one with SPF in as this has a tendency to “flash back” or “ghost” in photography, therefore giving you a very bright, white looking face. To set your face make up a setting powder will work wonders. Highlight your cheek bones with some blush and highlight.


And now onto the eyes

If you are looking for a natural yet elegant looking eye for your wedding day then you can create this look fairly simply with the right eye make-up. For your wedding make up you will want to ensure that your eyes are natural, simple, defined yet beautiful.

Start with a simple eye primer. An eye primer will ensure your make up stays put all day and you will not have to worry about any reapplication leaving your free to enjoy your wedding day to the maximum. Eye primer will also ensure you get great color payoff from the eye shadows that you use and make sure that you do not have any eye shadow fallout onto your cheek below. Next you will want to create a perfect eye shadow look. Keep your eyes bright and using the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is a great choice for a wedding eye look. On the inner half of your eye using the color venus which is a beautiful iridescent white color and pair it with the soft brown of “naked 2” in the outer corner and well blended. Pair this beautiful eye look with a slick of black eyeliner, a pair of false lashes and blend your own lashes with the false lashes with a lengthening mascara.


Image by ANURAG1112 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)