Fashion Inspiration: Rent Live

Rent Live! introduced the world to the musical that changed the world some two decades ago. As you can imagine, the fashion we will see in the next few months will be heavily inspired by some of the fantastic looks worn by the characters not only in Rent Live! but in the movie, on stage, and even the looks from the actresses and actors who played the parts.

Here are some ways you can keep the love going:

Maureen’s Leather Look

Maureen is a style icon and has been for over two decades. So how can you get her look? Her Over The Moon style is all about tight, black, trendy clothing that she has someone else buy her. Try to embrace the catsuit style with leather pants that are perfectly tailored.

Make sure there is some stretch in the pants if you plan on doing something other than protesting in these.

Mimi’s Leopard Print

For so many, Mimi is their favorite character in the show. Her leopard coat is a moment for anyone who has seen the show – and we think that, coupled with the leopard trend going on right now, many people will be rocking this coat.

Just make sure that you keep the rest of your outfit somewhat restrained – this is a lot of look.

Joanne’s Office Chic

Joanne is one of the newbies in the group, but that doesn’t mean that her style doesn’t inspire all of us. The only one in the group with a real job, her office style is something to be copied.

Want to get it for yourself? Invest in tailored pieces with suspenders,

pantsuits, and ties that have feminine twists but show you mean business. This will help you to remember that while you are working for the man, you have a bohemian heart.

Angel’s Street Style

Angel is the heart of the musical, and some of her clothing options have legitimately made it into popular fashion over the year. The thing with Angel is that you cannot take yourself too seriously. Embrace her style by wearing a colorful skirt (that you could have made out of a shower curtain) or by wearing chunky boots that you can wear on a first date and to do a backflip in your studio apartment.

So how will you incorporate the styles shown in Rent? Remember – you still have to pay yours at the end of the day.

Image by etibbie licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)