How to rock a low key make up look

A couple of weeks ago we discussed numerous aspects of your make up back, from you brushes to what to use in your travel make up bag. Today we are going to explain how to rock a low key make up look, with minimal products to leave you looking young and fresh faced whatever the event.



A great base for any make up, before you even start putting anything onto your face is a good moisturizer. Moisturizer will help to keep you skin healthy, replenished and soft. Keeping your skin soft and healthy will help create a nice base for the rest of your make up. This is a particularly important step if you are wearing minimal make up for a low key make up look.


Facial Primer:

After you have thoroughly moisturized your face the next step is to add a face primer. Primer will help you to create a blank canvas on your face, enabling your make up to look good and keep your make up lasting all day and all night long.



You can totally skip this step if you do not need it, but if you need a few areas to be covered up then you will want to consider a good concealer. Typically, the under eye area, chin and around the nose are areas which might need concealing, but also you might want to cover up any blemishes too. Sometimes, if you have acne you might have scarring so this would be other areas in which you might want to use concealer.


Face Powder:

For a low key make up look you can forget the foundation stage of doing your make up and skip straight to the face powder. With a moisturized face and a good face primer a light dusting of face powder is all you will need to pull off a great low key look.


Simple eyeshadow:

Low key eye shadow is definitely order of the day when you are looking to rock the low key make up look. Start with an eye shadow primer which will hold your eye make up in place all day, which means you do not have to worry about any fallout or smudging, no matter how long you have your make up on for. This also creates a great base for your eye shadow. A simple eye shadow look could contain colors such as creams, browns and taupes. Finish off this look with either a black or brown mascara.


Image by MihaiParaschiv is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)