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Top 7 Bags Every Woman Should Own

It’s easy to spend lots of money on every bag trend that comes along, trust us. But no one can possibly afford keeping up with that game. The truth is, with just 7 bags (more or less), you can be completely prepared…and completely fabulous… no matter what the occasion, or the outfit!

  • The Tote – This is the carryall, and it usually comes with two straps for carrying options – shorter straps to be worn close under your arm on your shoulder, one longer strap to provide a bit more room under your arm. This classic Michael Kors will be perfect! Ideally, you would have 3 totes – one in black, one in brown, and one in a neutral nude color. But you can start with the black one…it usually goes with anything!
  • Day Clutch – This clever little tool can be kept inside your larger bag. A day clutch is perfect for carrying just the essentials on those quick trips to the store or to lunch from work, when you don’t want to lug around your tote. It can also make appearances at fun weekend meetings and lunch dates.
  • Metallic Evening Clutch – You know your tote won’t really go well with sequins or that fab lace crop top. You also don’t want to have to carry around all that stuff. You want to be partying it up on the dance floor, or laughing with your girls, drink in-hand. That’s where a metallic evening clutch comes in. It doesn’t necessarily need to be metallic, but do try for something fun and/or sparkly. And for even more maneuverability, opt for one with a wrist strap, like these from Coach.
  • Weekend Casual Bag – This bag is somewhere in between your favorite tote carryall, and your evening clutch. It carries some of your necessities, but not the full “kit and caboodle.” The ideal weekend bag is more on the casual side, and can be worn multiple ways…crook of the arm, under the arm, cross-body. It should also be a neutral in color, so it’s sure to go with everything.
  • The Cross-Body – It could be a hobo, messenger, or satchel style, but everyone needs a mid-sized bag that can be slung on cross-body to keep you hands-free while you’re on the move. Some cross-body bags can be casual, some can be dressier (often having a chain as the strap), but this clever little bag will be a lifesaver when going into big crowds.
  • Classy Backpack – These aren’t the backpacks that used to crease your shoulders carrying 900 pounds of books in high school. The classy backpack is huge this Winter, and we’re loving it. Avoid those made from cloth material, to keep it from looking too casual. Instead, any leather or leather-look that you would want in a tote, you should want in your backpack. Keep it simple too…don’t choose one with too many pockets or attachments. Thin-to-medium straps are also a must…nothing too thick and bulky.
  • Pop of Color Bag – This is the wildcard. This is where you can really let loose and have a bit of fun. This is the bag that will brighten up an otherwise “safe,” neutral, or monotone outfit. You can go for a bag in a bright hue (or several hues in one), maybe something with a little more in the way of zippers, buttons, chains, fringe, adornments. Just remember…think fun!


How to Fabulously Dress an Hourglass Figure

Even if you are lucky enough to be one of the 9% of women with an hourglass figure, there’s a chance you don’t realize just how lucky you are. In fact, thanks to the mainstream media images of models in fashion magazines, you might even feel…dare we say…fat…by comparison? If so, that’s an image you need to do away with, because, believe it or not, yours is the figure that’s widely accepted as the “feminine ideal”! And we just so happen to have some tips for fabulously dressing that hourglass!

What identifies an hourglass figure?  The hourglass figure is both round and curvy, but with a smaller, well-defined waistline. The hourglass figure also generally has fuller hips, a larger bust, and generous thighs. As the name implies, the measurements of the bust and the hips are about the same (resembling the curves of an hourglass).

What to avoid:

  • Shirts/dresses that are much too big, thinking that more fabric will camouflage your hips and/or bust. It won’t…it will only make you look bigger and sloppier.
  • Stiff and/or bulky fabrics
  • Elaborate embellishments
  • Large, padded/over-accentuated shoulders
  • High necklines, turtlenecks

Tops: Tops can be tricky, since you likely have a larger bust. Your best tops are those that are v-necks or scoop-necks… but you don’t want to let them plunge too deep, as that will look downright vulgar on your curves. Also look for wrap tops, belted tops (make sure the belts are thin), and tops with peplum waists.  It may be difficult to fit your shape right off the rack, so pay for a good tailor (it’s so worth it!). And though they may be tempting in Fall and Winter, try to avoid high necklines and turtlenecks, as they will only make your generous breasts appear even more generous (not in a good way)!

Jackets: As with tops, fit is sooo important here. Jackets need to be tailored, and nip in at the waist. Just about any length will work well for you, just as long as it fits at the waist. If it doesn’t, be sure to use a belt to add definition. In terms of dress jackets, two-button fitted jackets are key. Also, single-breasted jackets are far more flattering than double-breasted; single-breasted jackets offer less bulky fabric.

Bottoms: Since your waist is much smaller than your hips, fit is crucial in both jeans and trousers. Bottoms with a bit of stretch in them will help to hug your curves. Opt for boot cut, flares, and wide-legs in darker colors to keep your hips in check with the rest of you. Wide-leg trousers in drapey fabrics are super flattering!

Dresses/Skirts: A-line and wrap dresses are your best friends, and always a good call! Skater, circle, and A-line skirts will also endlessly flatter…just as long as they fit your waist. But your best game can be found with the classic pencil skirt. They provide cover, but still highlight your ultra-feminine curves and small waist!


5 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Look More Attractive

Even though math was never our strong suit, there was a certain pleasure in the undeniable formulas. You knew that if you added X plus Y and divided by Z, you would have the answer. If only picking out clothes from our closet could be as cut-and-dry. If there was a simple formula for looking good…something that would undeniably work…it would make life a lot easier, right?  Well, we just so happen to have 5 tricks to illicit a positive reaction from people (men), as scientifically proven by studies.

  • Wear heels – Aside from the fact that you (scientifically) have a better chance of being approached by a man if you’re wearing heels, heels also accomplish a few other pretty neat tricks. Because of the arch, heels force you to stand straighter, so you appear taller. And heels that blend in with the color of your leg, or those with a very low vamp (the part of the shoe that cuts across your foot at the front), make your legs appear longer and leaner.
  • Go sleeveless – Studies have shown that arms are one of the parts of a woman’s body that men are most attracted to. In fact, in many studies, arms are more highly rated than legs! So, if you happen to be blessed with nice toned arms and shoulders…show them off!
  • Think bodycon – There are loads of studies that show men are more attracted to an hourglass figure. Lucky for all of us, that’s what shapewear was invented for! Bodycon dresses are designed to naturally highlight the smallest part of you, the area just under your bust at your waist. And many bodycon dresses have slimming patterns that accentuate the effect even more. When you pair some fabulous shapewear with a great bodycon dress, you get WOW!
  • Rock some red – Red attracts attention…period. It also symbolizes power, passion, and romance. So of course there will be studies that show men are attracted to red. But another bonus here is that there is a perfect shade of red out there for everyone!
  • All hail the LBD – It’s iconic for good reason. And now, studies show that 5 out of 5 men will look twice at a woman in a black dress. It’s the perfect compromise if you don’t feel like wearing a bright, bold red… but you don’t necessarily feel like blending into the wallpaper either. The little black dress is classic, slimming, and oh-so-chic. It will never lead you wrong.


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