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Contact lens wearers, consider your options. There are extended-wear contacts, disposables, and even lenses that can change your eye color. But as with any purchase of a medical device, buying contact lenses should be done with care and caution


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Genius Tips for Wearing a Hat with Style

It’s finally Fall. Time for layering and bundling up, and that includes your head! Not only are hats a practical way to keep warm (they prevent heat from leaving your body through the top of your head), but they are one of the most effortless ways to add flair to your outfit. But, in case your chapeau-topped ensemble isn’t quite working, there are some tips that can take it from drab to fab in no time.

  • Think Seasonal – First and foremost, Fall and Winter hats should be wool, cloth, or felt-type material. Save the straw hats for Spring and Summer, since the open weave of those materials can allow heat to escape your head.
  • Find the Fit – Hats come in so many sizes and fits, it can literally make your head spin. Just because a hat looks cute, doesn’t mean that it will fit your head properly. Make sure when choosing a hat that you can actually try it on…that means if you’re buying online, you need to either A) make sure the sizes are listed and you know your hat size, or B) you are buying from a site you are familiar with, and you are familiar with their sizing. If it’s too big, it will do nothing but slide down into your eyes, or blow off in a gust of wind. If it’s too tight…well…it will just look plain silly.
  • Consider Hair Length – Wearing a hat can change the whole look of your face, especially when taking into account your hair length. You will often find that close-fitting hats with less material compliment shorter hair, while larger, wide-brimmed hats look great on longer-length hair… but as with most things, you’ve got to experiment to see what works.
  • Consider Hair Style – If your hair is long enough to style, you have more options than long-and-loose. You can opt for a messy low bun at the back or side, or a loose braid, also at the back or side. Again, get in there and experiment!
  • Consider Your Outfit – Sometimes a hat can clash with what you’re wearing, so it’s important to take into consideration the style of your outfit. A loose beret or knit hat looks sharp with a body con shirt and skinny jeans or trousers. Boho styles are really complimented by floppy, wide-brimmed hats. And something sleek and tailored would be well suited to a close-fitting cloche style.
  • Color – Since it is Fall, with Winter on the way, you might as well try to embrace and incorporate some of the colors of the season. Yes, black is a classic, as is grey, and they can usually go with anything, but be bold and look for berries, rust colored, and dusky-hued varieties.
  • Give it Your Style – As with so many points above, it all comes down to experimentation. If you feel like adding a brooch or feather to a hat…do it. Make it yours. You will ultimately (hopefully) own whatever look you rock, so rock it with confidence!


6 Ways to Build a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Dress for Success.” Well, that’s easier said than done, especially if your budget is a bit thin. It’s a frustrating Catch-22: you need to dress the part to get a better job, but you can’t afford to dress the part until you get a better job. Luckily, there are some things you can do (yes, even on your current anorexic budget) to plump up your work wardrobe while you climb the corporate ladder.

  • Sign up for sale alerts – Many websites, such as ShopItToMe.com, provide customized sale alerts. Simply choose which items you are looking for (in your initial wardrobe-building, focus on wardrobe staples such as pencil skirts, trousers, cardigans, etc.), and the site will email you with alerts when those items go on sale across the internet.
  • Know what compliments your figure – If you are pear-shaped, you know to pick styles that hug your waist and flow away from your hips (A-line skirts are great). If you have an hourglass figure, you know you can pull off more body-hugging styles (but try to avoid items that are too clingy). If your figure is more boyish, you know to pick more feminine, flowing pieces. Once you know your body shape, a simple internet search will show you the silhouettes that flatter you the most.
  • Find a tailor – Now that you know your best silhouettes, and you’ve found the deepest sales, you will be amazed at the difference a good tailor can make. In the skilled hands of someone who can nip, pin, and sew, a good article of clothing can be transformed into a fantastic article of clothing in no time flat. The best use of a tailor can be seen in that all-important professional wardrobe staple…the suit. Great suits can cost a small fortune, but a suit bought at a less expensive retail chain can be made to look as if it cost a small fortune…and made to look as if it was made for just for you… after your tailor has had their way with it.
  • Focus on basics, not Louboutins – Sure those leopard print Louboutins look fierce, but when you are just starting out in the working world, spending an entire month’s salary on one or two pairs of shoes is absolutely ridiculous. And even though your feet will look fab, the rest of you will look like an impulsive, childish noob. You need decent quality shoes in black, brown, and nude. Those will work with just about anything in your closet.
  • Invest in undergarments – No, we’re not talking about clearing the sale racks at Victoria’s Secret. We’re talking shapewear and bras. These are your foundation pieces for everything, and if they are ill-fitting, everything looks off. They don’t have to look pretty…they have to work. So go for form over fashion here. And don’t just go after the size you think you are… go get fitted for a bra, which is a free service in many stores.
  • Know when to splurge and when to scrimp – There are certain wardrobe pieces that will never go out of style: black trousers, pencil skirts, a classic cashmere sweater, a fitted white button-down shirt, a large leather tote, etc. As you begin shopping with a more skilful eye, and as you begin earning more money, start filtering these “splurge-worthy” pieces into your closet. For now though, stick to the basics, and, most importantly… IGNORE LABLES. Besides, after you get through with the targeted sales, the flattering silhouettes, the shapewear, and the tailor, you’ll look like a million bucks!


8 Best Green-Eyed Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks

You know them, you love them… but have you been taking clues from them to spice up your own green-eye makeup routine? You should! Often times, turning to celebrity eye makeup is one of the best ways to get a little extra inspiration… and we’ve got 10 celebs who really know how to flaunt those green peepers!

  • Angelina Jolie – She is definitely one of our all-time favorite green-eyed beauties, and an all-time favorite tutorial subject on YouTube for her consistently winning celebrity eye makeup. Angie prefers to stick with a soft and lovely cat-eye: soft taupe in the crease and under the lower lash line, a dark line of kohl or liquid liner winged-out on the upper lash line, with natural or slightly enhanced eyelashes (thanks to the addition of demi or individual lashes). But another reason she’s one of our beauty icons? Those brows! She has some of the most perfectly groomed and shaped brows ever. Brows can make or break your look, so be sure to keep yours up to snuff. If you are unsure of your best eyebrow shape, enlist the help of professionals in a salon… at least until you get the hang of upkeep yourself.
  • Kristen Stewart –While she doesn’t seem to be one for much makeup off the red carpet, on the red carpet, she absolutely smolders! Kristen loves to highlight her bright green eyes with dark, smokey looks, lots of dark plums and grays, and she usually sharpens the look by lining her inner rims with black. If you’ve got a night out on the town planned, Kristen Stewart should be your green-eyed go-to inspiration.  
  • Emma Stone – Always, always seems to have the perfect eye makeup going on! Most of the time, especially when her hair is that lovely reddish-orange, she pops her green eyes by applying a peachy shadow to the lid, a warm brown through the crease and outer V, a smudged line of dark kohl or a sharp line of liquid liner along the upper lashes, and a healthy dose of black mascara. More often than not, her bottom lashes will be either left bare, or will only be lined about half-way in. Her eyes are almond-shaped, but she plays them up even more by extending the outer V, with liner, shadow, or both.
  • Olivia Wilde – This girl should definitely be on your go-to list of crush-worthy celebrity eye makeup. Though she has been blonde a time or two, her light green eyes pop far more with darker locks. If you want to experiment with colors, she’s a good one to study. Olivia knows that copper, plums, and grays really accentuate her green eyes, and she’s not afraid to layer the same color in shadow and Go bold, baby!
  • Aishwarya Rai – Wow… does she have some gorgeous eyes, or what? She’s one of those celebrities with big eyes that set our hearts a-flutter! Aishwarya usually likes to play up the lovely almost shape of her eyes, as well as her Indian heritage, with thick liquid liner along the top lashes, drawn out into a graceful wing at the outer corner. As for color, she keeps it warm, with lots of browns, coppers, rusts, and occasionally some dark plums. When going for a more exotic look, she lines her inner rim with a black pencil, which really defines the shape and makes the green color pop. And those lashes! Always long and fluttery. To get the same effect, you can definitely add mink false lashes… but to keep your lashes gorgeous 24/7 (for up to 3 months), look into getting  eyelash extensions at your local salon.
  • Rhianna- She’s not afraid to experiment with her clothes, or her hair, or her music… but if you notice, she can almost be conservative with her celebrity eye makeup She knows her green eyes are one of her best features, and she knows how to work them to the max. Her preferred look seems to be either a bare lid, or just a sheer wash of a neutral color, with a smudged black/gray line under the lower lashes only (none on the top lashes), and lots of mascara. For added emphasis RiRi also likes to line the inner rim with black.
  • Charlize Theron – The girl is stunning, no doubt about it. She loves to play up the light green of her eyes with shimmery peach, coppers, and browns, with the darkest shades accenting the outer V. Even on the red carpet, Charlize has been known to shun regular liner, opting only for lining the inner rims, and pulling the look together with long, lovely lashes. You could also recreate this effect by applying a wash of mid-tone shimmery peach on the top lid, with a shimmery taupe under the lower lashes.
  • Scarlett Johansson – It’s hard to beat ScarJo when it comes to rocking a nude cat-eye and luscious red pout. Her beautiful almond-shaped green eyes just lend themselves so well to a nice tapered liquid liner winging out at the corners! But, applying liquid eyeliner can be tricky, so you might need a little practice to get the look just right. And, to get just the right angle and length on the flick, be sure to look straight on in the mirror with a relaxed Don’t pull the eye taught…that method is almost always a disaster! Check YouTube for tons of other great tips and tricks for achieving the perfect cat-eye.

As you can see, just by studying your favorite green-eyed celebs, you might be able to have a little of their green-eyed glamour rub off on you. True, often times, their looks are the result of skilled celebrity eye makeup artists… but the tips and tricks used to get those looks are universal. With a little practice and patience, they can be adopted into your own makeup routine, and adapted to your own beautiful eyes!


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