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About Mugler

Mugler creates exceptional fragrances and uses the finest natural and innovative materials, which are often extremely rare. They are bold scents full of character ? original combinations that are instantly recognizable and always unforgettable. Their secret? Restrained, balanced combinations built around two to three overdosed notes. It is utter harmony and pure magic.

Why Shop Mugler at Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the biggest names in the retail industry, and with good reason. You can find almost any style, size, or type of clothing from Mugler and if you get it home and it doesn’t match your style, you can easily return it thanks to the great online return policy. Furthering their customer service, Nordstrom sale associates (even those online or over the phone) really know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion.

Even better, Nordstrom tends to have fashion that fits all different body types, something not every online retailer can say. Most importantly, you’ll find great deals and some super sales on Mugler quite regularly.


The Hottest Deals for Mugler

Yes, that's right, we searched all over the web and found the hottest deals for Mugler

Top 7 Bags Every Woman Should Own

It’s easy to spend lots of money on every bag trend that comes along, trust us. But no one can possibly afford keeping up with that game. The truth is, with just 7 bags (more or less), you can be completely prepared…and completely fabulous… no matter what the occasion, or the outfit!

  • The Tote – This is the carryall, and it usually comes with two straps for carrying options – shorter straps to be worn close under your arm on your shoulder, one longer strap to provide a bit more room under your arm. This classic Michael Kors will be perfect! Ideally, you would have 3 totes – one in black, one in brown, and one in a neutral nude color. But you can start with the black one…it usually goes with anything!
  • Day Clutch – This clever little tool can be kept inside your larger bag. A day clutch is perfect for carrying just the essentials on those quick trips to the store or to lunch from work, when you don’t want to lug around your tote. It can also make appearances at fun weekend meetings and lunch dates.
  • Metallic Evening Clutch – You know your tote won’t really go well with sequins or that fab lace crop top. You also don’t want to have to carry around all that stuff. You want to be partying it up on the dance floor, or laughing with your girls, drink in-hand. That’s where a metallic evening clutch comes in. It doesn’t necessarily need to be metallic, but do try for something fun and/or sparkly. And for even more maneuverability, opt for one with a wrist strap, like these from Coach.
  • Weekend Casual Bag – This bag is somewhere in between your favorite tote carryall, and your evening clutch. It carries some of your necessities, but not the full “kit and caboodle.” The ideal weekend bag is more on the casual side, and can be worn multiple ways…crook of the arm, under the arm, cross-body. It should also be a neutral in color, so it’s sure to go with everything.
  • The Cross-Body – It could be a hobo, messenger, or satchel style, but everyone needs a mid-sized bag that can be slung on cross-body to keep you hands-free while you’re on the move. Some cross-body bags can be casual, some can be dressier (often having a chain as the strap), but this clever little bag will be a lifesaver when going into big crowds.
  • Classy Backpack – These aren’t the backpacks that used to crease your shoulders carrying 900 pounds of books in high school. The classy backpack is huge this Winter, and we’re loving it. Avoid those made from cloth material, to keep it from looking too casual. Instead, any leather or leather-look that you would want in a tote, you should want in your backpack. Keep it simple too…don’t choose one with too many pockets or attachments. Thin-to-medium straps are also a must…nothing too thick and bulky.
  • Pop of Color Bag – This is the wildcard. This is where you can really let loose and have a bit of fun. This is the bag that will brighten up an otherwise “safe,” neutral, or monotone outfit. You can go for a bag in a bright hue (or several hues in one), maybe something with a little more in the way of zippers, buttons, chains, fringe, adornments. Just remember…think fun!


How to dress a rectangle body shape

Today we are going to look at the best ways to dress a rectangle body shape. If you are a rectangle you should be very pleased as you are one of the easier body types, with many different styles suiting you or fitting you well. A rectangle body shape tends to have no defined waist with hips do tend to have a similar width to the shoulders. Rectangles also do not have a lot of curves, with a bust that is small or average and your bottom tends to be flat. Many rectangles tend to gain weight around their tummies, especially after the menopause. You will want to create curves and define your waist as a rectangle. If you have a rectangle body shape you will want to avoid shapeless clothes as you will want to be creating the illusion of curves, therefore anything shapeless will make you look shapeless overall, and to this end you will also want to avoid straight dresses such as tunics.

What to wear on top?
When selecting a dress you will want to go for a shift dressor an empire line as these will suit you rectangle body shape the best and when selecting either a dress or a top you will want to select block colors. When selecting items to wear on top you will want to choose one’s which define your waist and tailored jackets and coats which are belted at the waist will help to create the illusion of curves. Choose a good bra to define your bust and medium to high neckline tops will help to flatter your body shape, especially if you have a smaller bust. Tops which a detailed neckline, pockets or frills will create the illusion of a large bust, as do halter necked tops.
What to wear on the bottom?
If you are looking for a skirt, select an A-line skirt, as these will pull in at the waist before flaring out, creating the illusion of a small waist and curvier hips. Rectangles will want to create the illusion of curves so a skirt of this style is perfect for rectangular body shapes. You will suit any style of jeans or trousers but something such as flared jeans will look particularly great and for shoes something curved with a rounded toe will suit you best, think of ballerina flats or a pair of court shoes or rounded toe boots, either flat or heeled.

How to Make Any High Heels More Comfortable

Nothing quite beats a drop-dead-sexy pair of stilettos, not only in terms of what they can do for an outfit, but also what they can do for your confidence! But, if you’ve ever tried to walk in a pair for any length of time, you also know they can be equal parts beauty and medieval torture device. The good news is, there are a few simple things you can do to make any high heels more comfortable.

  • Gel insoles – Yes, those little gel inserts you’ve used in flats, boots, maybe even in sneakers can work wonders in a pair of heels. You can either cut down and shape an ordinary insert, or find those made especially for high heels. There full-shoe inserts, those made only for the heel area, or those made for the toe area, depending on where you feel the most pressure when you walk. If your shoes allow for that extra bit of room to add a comfy gel insert, do it!
  • Opt for heels with straps or ties – It seems a small thing, but even well-fitting stilettos can annoy you with a bit of slip in the heel area, causing you to drag your feet while walking just to keep them on. And that on-and-off friction can also lead to blisters and chafing. Straps or ties help the heels to not only stay on, but are adjustable to add to your comfort throughout the day.
  • Stretch ‘em – Even if you bought them in your correct size, even if they are of the highest quality, some heels just need to be stretched out a bit. There are wooden forms you can insert into them yourself, turning a dial to spread the form, which then stretches your shoe over a short period of time. You can also take them to a cobbler (yes, there are such people in your area), who can stretch them out for you.
  • Tape ‘em – Okay…this is going to sound a bit odd…but it is said to work wonders. Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together (counting from your big toe). There is a nerve that runs the length of the leg and ends there, which can contribute to foot pain if it’s pinched in shoes. By taping those toes together, it alleviates the stress on the nerve.
  • Shoe shop at the end of the day – As you walk through the day, your feel swell. That’s a fact. If you shoe shop at the beginning of the day, your feet are obviously not as “big” as they are going to get. Any shoe you buy, even if it’s in your correct size, will not feel or fit as they will after walking all day.
  • Pick a shape that’s easier – No, this doesn’t mean you have to give up stilettos. However, you might find that platform stilettos will feel loads better on your feet. It’s a bonus that the platform pump is hugely popular now, and will no doubt be so for many years to come (some classics just never go out of style). Platforms cut down on the angle and pressure coming down on the ball of your feet, while still managing to give you height. A slightly rounder toe, or a toe that ends in a longer point, will also give you some wiggle room…literally…which will add to your comfort.


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