Fashion Inspiration: Rent Live

Rent Live! introduced the world to the musical that changed the world some two decades ago. As you can imagine, the fashion we will see in the next few months will be heavily inspired by some of the fantastic looks worn by the characters not only in Rent Live! but in the movie, on stage, and even the looks from the actresses and actors who … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Rent Live

Color Of The Season: Living Coral

Every year, there is a color that stands out above the others. Set by Pantone, the color immediately becomes the one to wear in many different ways. This year, the color is Living Coral. A bright pink, salmon, and orange mixture, it is a bit more difficult than some of the more neutral colors in recent years. Does that mean you should give up and … Continue reading Color Of The Season: Living Coral

Trend of the Season: Moon Moment

There is no trend hotter than moons right now. It could be because of the latest lunar eclipse or perhaps because more and more people are connecting with the metaphysical. Whatever the reason, moons are hotter than ever, so you should really consider adding them into your wardrobe. Moon Graphic Tees Graphic tees are a great way to embrace the moon trend. You can find one that … Continue reading Trend of the Season: Moon Moment

Fashion Resolutions To Keep In 2019

We all have fashion missteps that we make that we know we should stop doing – from buying low quality fabrics to wearing shoes that we know hurt our feet, there are just so many things that are universal. In 2019 and beyond, it is important to make some resolutions to enter into the new year. These are just a few of the resolutions that … Continue reading Fashion Resolutions To Keep In 2019