5 Ways to Embrace the Transparent Trend


One of the most popular trends over the last year has been transparent clothing – shoes, bags, accessories, jackets, and just about anything else that you can imagine can be found in transparent styles. However, some people aren’t always comfortable wearing transparent tops or pants, for example, or maybe that style isn’t exactly acceptable in the office or at school.

So how can you start wearing the transparent trend? Here are a few suggestions:

Workout Gear

You are working out to show off your body, so why not do it? A great clear running jacket or leggings with clear detailing will show off the muscles you are working hard to earn. Just make sure that you put them in strategic places or you will definitely show off how much you are sweating, which is never a good look!

In Small Doses

The simplest thing you can do is add some transparent accessories to your wardrobe, like a pair of great clear earrings or a pair of chic sunglasses. By using only a small bit of transparent materials, you can avoid falling into the trap of wearing too much a looking a bit too cheesy.


Many people really think that only celebrities and models can wear the transparent trend, but that isn’t true. You can wear transparent clothing in a casual setting! Transparent shoes or bags can really change up your entire outfit.

Once again, just make sure that your plastic or transparent clothing falls at the best possible spot or you will see a lot of condensation if you get too warm.

High Quality

When cheaper plastic is purchased and worn, it is very easy to tell. One of the best ways you can overcome that is to invest in a few statement pieces that will show off your style. A great pair of transparent heels or even a transparent bag will say a lot about your style.

In Conjunction With Other Materials

When you mix clear plastic with other materials that aren’t clear, you can see different shapes and unique styles that you never saw before. Clear heels with patterns or laces built into them, shirts that build clear plastic over other materials, and even jeans that have clear knees can all be worn by just about everyone, if worn properly.

Image by Coach_Cyrielle licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)