Best Bras for Your Body Needs


Bras are a pivotal piece of your wardrobe, but so often taken for granted or even overlooked. Even though it can be difficult to know what type of bra you need to fit your body or occasion, we’ve got some fabulous and functional options right here!

Large busted – Have a large bust? It can be a blessing and a curse, huh? If you’re wearing the right bra, you can get “the girls” up where they belong, and they look fantastic. But, if you are wearing the wrong bra, well, they will not only end up south of where they are supposed to be, but the effect can also make you look heavier than you are. Look for bras with wider straps, underwire, and plenty of coverage on the sides, like this, this, and this.

Low-cut/strapless – Of course, you will always need the right bra for those plunging necklines on your favorite, sassy evening attire, but with Spring and Summer fast approaching, you will also not be able to resist all those loose, flowy, shoulder-bearing styles. The good news is, there is a bra for every cut, every plunge, every backless and daring top you can imagine…so there is no excuse to go out with saggy “girls” or tacky bra straps showing. Bras like this, this, this, and this have literally got you covered!

Lounging – Maybe you’ve learned on your own, or maybe you’ve read it on Pinterest or in your favorite fashion magazine…the fact that going braless, for extended periods of time, if you have anything above a B cup, will cause premature sagging and stretch marks on your breasts. However, you might have also read that constantly wearing confining bras with underwire (especially while sleeping) is not the best idea either. The solution? A soft, wireless, lightly-supportive bralette, like this, this, this, and this. Comfort and support…brilliant.

Sports – Can you work out in a regular bra? Yes. Should you? No. As supportive and well-fitting as some regular bras can be, they will never be able to provide you with the kind of support you need during jarring exercise like dancing, boxing, or jogging. And would you want to sweat that much in one of your pretty dress bras? Nope. So look for a cotton/Lycra sports bra like this, this, and this…or even this underwire one for larger breasts.

Push-up – Perhaps you have a smaller bust and you would like to try and create some extra curves with your bra? Whatever you do, do not stuff your bra. And no need to hassle with those “chicken cutlet” inserts. What you need to look for is a bra with strategic padding and sculpting. Bras like this, this, and this will give you the right amount of believable fullness, beautiful curves, and that coveted cleavage.


Image by DozoDomo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)