Bridesmaid fashion on a budget

Weddings are big business and with the average cost of weddings in the United States costs $25,000 many brides are looking for ways to cut costs. For many brides, looking towards retailers for their bridal and bridesmaids gowns is cheaper than purchasing through a bridal store. Many big retailers hold a great collection of bridesmaid gowns, which look just as good as the real thing are just a fraction of the price. There are many different options when it comes to bridesmaid attire, and while many people like to dress their bridesmaids in identical dresses, many brides also like their bridesmaids to dress differently.


Ball gowns are traditionally used as bridesmaid dresses, although as weddings evolve and brides develop their own style gradually different style dresses are becoming more popular. You will want to pick colors which compliment your wedding color theme, but there are a number of options when it comes to full length gowns. Strapless gowns look beautiful and elegant, especially if your bridesmaids are on the taller side. Many gowns, both full length and shorter had an added modestly panel, often in lace, to provide a higher neck gown. These look great on their own or teamed with a bridal dress with a lace overlay. Alternatively a high neckline dress provides an elegant look for any bridesmaid.


Convertible dresses are very in at the moment, and provide you with the choice of putting all of your bridal part in the same dress but all worn differently. A classic, full length gown can be worn multiple ways, suiting each bridesmaid individually and providing a slight difference between the dresses. You can also purchase these as short convertible dresses, giving the option of long or short, or a mixture of both.


Shorter dresses similar to the traditional bridesmaid gown are another option and come in various styles; strapless gowns, shift dresses and some skater style dresses.


Another option which is becoming popular is a different style of dress. A 1950s style fit and flare style gown is a great option if you are looking for something different from the norm. Pair it with a bright belt in the color of your wedding theme and you can certainly mix up the traditional with the more laid back and create your own unique wedding style.


A skirt and top two piece is another great option for a bridesmaid and allows you to really be creative with your bridesmaid’s looks. Select maxi or midi skirts, and pair with your favourite top. You can dress all your bridesmaids the same of being creative and select a different top for each of them.


When it comes to their footwear there are a number of great options. Weddings are traditionally long days so you will want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable while looking fabulous. For a traditional elegant wedding bridesmaid dress, either long or short, a pair of heeled sandals look great with any dress, as do a sparkling peep toe. For shorter and more casual bridesmaid dresses you might want to consider smart wedges. They give your bridesmaids a bit of height, the illusion of a high heel but are comfortable on your feet too. If flats are the way to go, something elegant and with an ankle strap will help bring the dress together and keep the more classic nature of a wedding outfit.


Image by Simon Collison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Flickr)