Clothes to Help Embrace Your Inner Snake

Are you ready to embrace your inner snake? Ready to take back your narrative and show people that you aren’t going to take anything from them? This fall, it is all about embracing your inner snake and showing the world just how seriously you take yourself. Snakeskin and snake prints are going to be a major part of fashion for the rest of the year and probably into the next year as well. Plus, it is always a great, classic print to bring out every occasionally.

Ready to embrace your inner snake? Add these to your wardrobe:

Wear It On Your Chest

Snake pins have always been in style, especially when they are delicately detailed and made out of high quality materials. Seriously – go look in your grandmother’s jewelry box, and you will probably find a pin with a snake on it. Over the years, snakes have meant different things to different people, so she might have bought it for a different reason. Still, these pins affix to any outfit, giving you just a little bit of edge.

At the Gym

Wearing snake print makes you feel strong and beautiful – and where else do you feel that way? At the gym. Wearing snakeskin on your feet while on the treadmill or while lifting can make you push yourself just a little more. Now that everyone has a new song to listen to while working out, one that encourages us to embrace our snake, you’ll be able to beat your PR no sweat.

On Your Phone

Getting receipts to destroy someone? Texting that new guy and want to feel bold? Putting a snake on the back of your phone can really help you to feel bold in all that you do. This is a subtle reminder that you will always see, because who doesn’t have their phones with them at all times? Phone cases are a great way to embrace your snake because when you don’t want people to know, you can just take it off.

Around Your Neck

One of the best traits about a snake is that they are only seen when they want to be seen. The same can be said about wearing a snake necklace – you can tuck it in when you want, or wear it proudly when you need to do so. Look for some of the great little details that snake necklaces can bring – like bright eyes or secret messages.

On Your Feet

There is nothing that a snake boss needs to wear more than a killer pair of heels that make you stand taller, straighter, and stronger than ever before. Snakeskin prints are always appropriate, no matter the situation, and especially when it is in black and entirely subtle. You’ll feel more powerful than you’ve ever felt before – and people will surely notice.

Are you ready to show people what they made you do? Add some snake skin, snake patterns, or snakes themselves to your wardrobe.

Image by DianaHBR is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)