Creating your college capsule wardrobe

The summer is almost over and it is time to head off to college for the first time or head back. With a smaller room comes a smaller wardrobe and if you are studying particularly far from home then you will want to keep your wardrobe to a minimum. Here are a few tips on keeping your college wardrobe fashionable, stylish while also keeping it small and affordable too.



Sweaters are a great option for college days while taking in classes, cuddling up in the dorm while doing your reading and not to mention to keep your warm throughout the colder winter months.


Camisoles & T-Shirts

You will spend a lot of time at college studying or relaxing while you study so some great comfortable clothes is an absolute must. Relaxed, casual slouch t-shirts are a great option as are some tight fitting but comfortable camisole tops. For the colder winter months some long sleeved t-shirts are also a great addition to any wardrobe.



Jeans can be as casual as you like to as smart as you like and everything in between. Look comfortable and stylish for all of your classes in a pair of boot cut jeans, pale wash skinny jeans or a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans.



Yes you read that right, let’s be honest at the end of a busy day we all want to climb into your pyjama’s and pop on some Netflix and enjoy our evenings. If you have no evening plans then a pair of comfortable pyjama’s is an absolute must, and you will undoubtedly find that your college days will include lots of times relaxing in your pyjamas.



If you are into sports and exercise, make sure you pick up a great pair of running shoes. You will also want comfortable every day shoes such as canvas shoes for the dry, summer months and something a little sturdier throughout the winter such as ballerina flats or sneakers.



Ankle boots are an absolute must for comfort and keeping yourself warm and dry throughout the winter. Pair a great pair of ankle boots over skinny jeans or even a casual dress and you will have a great day time look you will want to take to class with you. Alternatively pick a pair of knee high boots. These look great with skinny jeans or with a dress for both a casual and an evening look.


Image by moerschy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)