Essential Menswear Pieces – Part Two


And so we continue with our list of must-have menswear pieces…

These are the items that every well-dressed man has in their wardrobe. These are perennial classic pieces that will work, year in, year out, even as other styles and trends come and go. These are the pieces that can be found, no matter what your budget. And it’s these few staple pieces that will fill out, dress up, and keep your wardrobe stylish, always!

Fitted black leather jacket – Yes, yes…this jacket will help fend off the chilly weather. But, then again, so would a blanket. No, this jacket is not so much about practicality, as it is all about epicly cool style. And, inspired by motorcycle racing gear, the fitted structure keeps the jacket from ever looking sloppy. Slick and sleek options include those with a band collar, like this, this, and this…those with moto design and padding/quilting like this and this…and even those with a collar, like this.

Penny loafer – Where the wingtips from Part One of this list were more formal and dressy, the penny loafer is a classic upscale casual shoe, yet still a far cry from a sneaker. It’s the “in between,” if you will. Something comfy, yet suitable to wear to work, and versatile enough to fit in with both chinos and jeans. You can opt for ones with a bit of texture, like these and these, or more polished versions, like these, these, and these.

Slim-cut dark jeans – These will be your “dressy” jeans (yes, there certainly is such a thing). The wash needs to be dark and mostly even from waist to hem. There can be a very light fading on the thighs to slim and elongate the look of the leg, but trust us, a good, solid, dark wash will work wonders on its own. Also, look for straight leg, or slim, but never skinny (skinny jeans will never count as “dressy” jeans for men). Great options include these from AG, these from Citizens of Humanity, and these from Hudson.

Faded/distressed jeans – These will be your everyday casual go-to jeans. Again, so as not to look sloppy, go for a straight leg, or a bootcut with a slightly fitted thigh (not skin tight). Fading will help to create the illusion of shaping the leg…but it also just looks plain cool, provides a bit of character. Opt for edginess as found in straight legs like these, and these, or in bootcuts like these and these.

Grey and tan chinos – Chinos are yet another “in between” for your staple wardrobe. In this case, they are a comfortable middle ground between jeans and dress slacks. They might even be considered the most versatile piece in your closet. Grey will work with cooler colors and black shoes, while tan will work with warmer hues and brown shoes, though there is lots of room for experimentation. You can opt for a pleated front like these, but generally, a flat-front straight leg…like this, this, and this…will work best…and for years to come!


Image by Robert Sheie  is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)