Every Woman’s Must-Have Luxury Wish List


Not many of us can afford to infuse our wardrobe with wall-to-wall luxury and brand name items. But honestly, there are so many designers producing such high-quality imitation pieces, that to spend full designer price on so many trends and styles would almost be a crime! However, there are a few iconic items that any woman can set her sights on, set her sights to save up for, that are well worth owning. These are the legendary pieces, the ones that never go out of season, the ones worth holding onto for a lifetime…and then passing down to another burgeoning fashionista.

Christian Louboutin pumps – These shoes. These are the ones. The shoes that every other shoe secretly aspires to. While that iconic red lacquer sole has graced many different Louboutin styles over the years, there are three that have, and will always, be the gold standard: the classic pump, the t-strap peep-toe, and the cross-strap pointed toe.

Burberry trench – You might not realize it, but this iconic trench dates all the way back to 1865. The chic military style, epic waterproof weave, and unsurpassed craftsmanship has held true all this time…and will only continue to do so for decades (maybe even centuries) to come. Burberry styles like this, this, and this will always be the height of fashion.

Leather handbag – You have the shoes, now it’s time for a quality leather handbag to match. Why do you think that vintage Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses can still command top prices at auction, and even on eBay? Yes, the names equate with a certain luxury standard, but the purses themselves are still coveted because of the timeless style and first-rate materials and construction. Designer purses like this, this, and this from Chloe, Michael Kors, and Fendi will grace your arm and look gorgeous for years to come.

Diamond studs – Sure, some women feel that only when they are dripping with diamonds can they command attention…but with the right attitude, any woman can stop traffic in something as clean, simple, and classic as a pair of diamond studs. Diamond studs like these, these, and these are elegant, refined, and best of all, they go with anything from jogging tights to an evening gown, and everything in between…and they always will.

Cashmere sweater – Cashmere is not just a luxury for looks, it’s a luxury because for centuries it has been coveted for its warmth and insulation properties. Though it comes from goat’s wool, cashmere is soft, light, strong, and insulates three times more than sheep’s wool. This ultra refined quality and sumptuous feel is why cashmere sweaters like this, this, this, and this will always be some of the most-loved and most-used staples of any woman’s wardrobe.


Image by Maegan Tintari is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)