Fitness Mission: Cycling


We’ve already taken you through the necessary basics to get started in yoga, but maybe your health resolution for the new year included something a bit more “active”? For many people no matter what their level of fitness, cycling fits the bill. No matter if you prefer biking casual, short distances or taking on longer trips with varying terrain, we’ve got a great list of clothing and gear you’ll need to make every trip a good one!

Tops – Whether you just want a short spin or a longer endurance session, whether it’s in cooler weather, or a under the hot Summer sun, you will do well to look for tops with some Lycra content that are at least somewhat fitted. Not only will this reduce wind drag but will help to wick moisture away, keeping you cool and dry simultaneously. So, as long as the fabric fits that description, you are free to choose from layered tanks like this, loose tanks layered over sports bras, form-fitted shirts, looser performance t-shirts, or form-fitting shirts with longer sleeves. If it does feel a bit chilly, you can always layer on a vest, or cycling jacket like this or this.

Bottoms – For the most comfortable cycling pants, look for paneled construction, a padded layer, made from some sort of moisture-wicking material. Liners like this and this can be worn alone or worn under looser shorts known as “baggies.” But you can also opt for longer shorts like these, or fitted leggings like this.

Gloves – You might not realize it, but your hands can take quite a beating during cycling! As you ride, your hands will sweat, making your grip slippery. Your palms may also get sore from gripping the handlebars. Add in to that, the ripping wind on your knuckles. So whether you choose fingerless like these, or fingered gloves like these and these, you can be sure your hands will be fully protected and comfortable.

Footwear – Bet you didn’t realize that your feet can produce up to a cup of perspiration when you cycle for any length of time…so your choice of socks, shoes, and overshoes can be very important. Look for moisture-wicking socks with paneled construction and even a bit of padding, like these, these, and these. Shoes should be waterproof, with cushioned support and gripping treads, so that your foot stays more firmly in place while peddling, like this and this. And for cold and/or raining conditions, add on a pair of overshoes, like these or these, which will add another layer of waterproofing and wind resistance.

Odds-n-Ends – Of course you will need a few other items to pursue your new cycling passion! Some items, such as helmets like this and this, and items for hydration like this, this, this and this are critical. But you will also benefit from caps like this and this, specially designed and padded seats like this and this, and GPS fitness monitors and trackers like this, this, this, and this. One thing is sure though, the gift of health and happiness that cycling can bring will be well worth the learning curve!


Image by Sam Saunders is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)