Four White Items to Purchase ASAP

“Don’t wear white after Labor Day” is a rule that we can totally break in today’s world, but it is still something that we don’t always do. Why don’t we wear white after Labor Day? Mostly because we aren’t in our peak physical fitness levels anymore, and white is not the most flattering color to wear. So while you still have your beach body, here are four white items that you want to purchase and wear ASAP.

Choker Tee

Has there been a trend more fashion forward than the choker tee? It is something that almost anyone can wear, it allows us to forget a necklace, and it is more comfortable than the actual choker. This white shirt is a play on the t-shirt, which is comfortable and easy to wear, but this one still looks fashion forward.

Mini Dress

By the end of the summer, you are as tan as you are ever going to be this year, so why not show it off? A mini dress will highlight how great your legs look after a few months of running around the beach. In fact, your entire body will look great a mini dress thanks to your tan.

A mini dress with a bit of a flared skirt will keep you cool but still allow you to chow down at some of those back to school (and work) picnics.

White Pants

White pants are pretty much a staple for the late summer. They are light enough to wear when it is still warm outside but keep you warmer when the air starts to turn just a little cold. Even better, most of them are on sale toward the end of the summer so you can get a great deal on them. Just don’t forget to have them tailored properly.

White Purse

White purses become VERY difficult to find once the summer season is over, so find one now to get ready for the holidays. There are plenty of options, from smaller bags that you can throw over your shoulder to clutches to big bags that you can take on vacation. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can find right now, but the same can’t be said of later on in the year.

You don’t have to stop wearing white after Labor Day – however you may want to start buying it now, because many stores will stop selling it. Great shirts, dresses, shoes, bags, and other accessories are often available near the end of the summer at killer prices, so the time to invest is now.

Image by heyy_eunayyyx3 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)