High-Quality Accessories Every Man Should Have


Over the years, your wardrobe can sure grow. If you’re not careful, there might be more than a few pieces you’ve long since stopped wearing. Or, just as likely, you have a few very well-loved pieces that have long since seen better days. To ensure that you stay looking professional and put-together, you don’t need to spend a fortune, but you do need to spend your fashion budget wisely. The big-ticket items… a quality suit, proper shoes, tailored shirts… are all important, but sometimes, it’s the accessories that can say the most. We’ve selected a few must-have pieces here. These are the must-have accessories you need, the ones you need to spend a bit more money on, and the ones you need to keep looking good…so you can keep looking good.

Watch – Yes. Obviously, a watch is a very practical item. But more than that, a watch…a good watch…makes a statement. It can be both utility and jewelery, form and function. A good quality watch, like this, this, and this, will last you years, convey your style, and of course, keep you running on time (plus, some will even increase in value).

Messenger bag – Let’s face it. Guys need to carry stuff too, and they can’t exactly tote around a chic quilted Chanel purse, can they? Well, they can, but not if they want to be taken seriously in the workplace. A backpack is one option, but if you’re in a suit or professional attire, it can look much too casual, even sloppy. The solution is a messenger bag, and a sturdy, top-quality leather or waterproof messenger bag like this, this, or this, not only works as a carryall, but helps you look amazingly well put-together to boot!

Wallet – Sure, most of the time, no one will see this accessory but you. But, there will be those moments…a business meeting, an important lunch or dinner…when your wallet will be seen. A tattered, beaten, bent and frayed wallet just doesn’t speak well of you, or the care you take with your things and appearance. A grown man needs a decent wallet (even if there’s only $2 in it)…so invest in a good quality leather one, like this, this, or this.

Sunglasses – Yes, here too, this particular accessory is very practical. But quality UVA and UVB protection can save your sight, and the right shape frames can transform your face. As you might have learned already, to say that cheap sunglasses are flimsy and prone to breaking and scratching is an understatement. So, save some time and use some fashion sense, and opt for sunglasses like this, this, or this.

Cuff links – In higher quality dress shirts, cuff links are a necessity. But the good news is that this is one area where you can bring a smile. Rarely will anyone but you see your cuff links, so it’s ok to get a little cheeky with your choices. Today’s range of top-quality cuff links are functional, durable, and fun. Some of the most stylish choices we’ve seen include these, these, and these.


Image by StockSnap is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)