How to rock that casual look right now

For some reason we always associate dressing down with looking like a slob but this is so not the case, dressing down does not mean you have not tried, you look sloppy or cannot be stylish, in fact the opposite is true. Many of us now work in environments where we do not need to dress up on a daily basis, maybe we work in a casual office setting, or maybe we work from home, we might be stay at home mom’s or just do not have to go to work. Whatever the reason is for your personal relaxed style there are many ways to rock the casual look and still look stylish and put together.


Denim can look classy too

Just because you are not wearing formal clothes does not mean you cannot look stylish, and surprisingly one of the best ways to rock that casual outfit is to wear a great pair of dark wash jeans. If dark wash denim is not your thing and you are much more comfortable in light wash denim then dress down your outfit with a pair of light wash jeans with ripped knees which will look really on trend.


T-Shirt, Shirts and tops

When it comes to casual fashion there are so many options for your top half. Casual t-shirts are always a favorite, and something loose and unstructured is on trend right now. Throughout the summer months you will be cool and relaxed, while when it is colder look great paired with shirts and jackets. A plaid shirt or plain shirt look great left open and with either a t-shirt or a camisole top underneath looks stylish, will help to keep you warm on a cooler day and helps to add to the relaxed casual look.


Do not forget your coat

If the weather is cool or even cold then you might want to consider purchasing a great blazer or jacket. Blazers are very on trend right now and you will find they look incredible with casual tops as well as jeans. Throw a casual blazer over the top of a camisole top, casual dress or relaxed t-shirt to bring your casual outfit together.


It’s all about the shoes

Heels do not have to be the be all and end all of fashion and there are many brilliant shoes which help you rock a casual look. Converse sneakers are brilliantly comfortable and look fresh teamed with a great pair of denim jeans. Looking for casual with a bit of a fancier edge? In the summer months rock a great pair of wedge sandals and you will look as though you are more suited for champagne in the French Riviera aboard a yacht. A casual pair of sandals or relaxed espadrilles look fantastic paired with relaxed denims and block colors.


Image by Unsplash is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)