Looks Your Favorite Fashion Designers Love to Rock


If you’ve ever attended private school, or worked somewhere that had a strict company dress code, then you are no doubt familiar with the double-edged fashion sword known as “the uniform.” On the one hand, it can literally be a life-saver on days when you absolutely, positively cannot be bothered to rummage around and find a (matching) outfit (or on days when you are woefully behind with laundry). On the other hand, when you’ve just snapped up several of the most adorable pieces on mega sale, it can be torture to wait until the weekend to wear them out! Well, as it happens, some of the most well-loved and well-known fashion designers also have a “uniform,” which says a lot for the merits of it. Seriously…when they have an entire fashion house at their disposal, and they still opt for a “uniform,” they gotta be onto something, right?

Michael Kors – There aren’t many bags that can beat a good Michael Kors classic tote, and his sunglasses are simply to die for. His designs are chic, sophisticated, and effortless. And, coincidentally, so is his “uniform” of choice! Without fail, you will see him wearing a relaxed black suit, black tee, and sneakers. No fuss, no muss…probably because he knows he’s got nothing to prove, fashion-wise. He is fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld – Okay. First, you need to remember that as the head designer and creative director, he is the mastermind behind some of the House of Chanel’s most exquisite creations. He’s also the mastermind behind dressing and styling some of Hollywood’s biggest superstars. Given his druthers, though, he loves nothing more than donning his “uniform” of a crisp white high-necked button-up shirt, three-quarter length jacket, and hip, retro black sunglasses (even indoors). Oh, and don’t forget the leather fingerless gloves. Of course, he also loves to mix in leather-look pants, killer black leather biker boots,

Vera Wang – Black. She loves wearing black. Like…she really loves wearing black. Whether it’s flowy, loose, and layered, or form-fitting and edgy, you can bet it’s gonna be black. But hey, with her jaw-dropping, story-book romantic, dreamily-ethereal wedding dress designs alone, she should be allowed to wear whatever the heck she wants! (Plus, all the black just might be her way of balancing out the bright, bridal white she deals with daily!)

Carolina Herrera – Ever the high-society belle of the ball, Carolina Herrera has been emitting an effortless style, charm, and grace for well over 50 years! She has dressed women, from starlets, to socialites, to First Ladies, and built her fashion-house empire on the same style philosophy she follows in her own life…dressing beautifully can be “elegant and worldly without being fussy.” For her own classic “uniform,” she usually opts for a crisp white long-sleeved shirt, a richly-patterned below-the-knee skirt (usually A-line or fishtail/trumpet), and ladylike kitten heels. Always “put together.” Always perfect.


Free image courtesy of Google Images