Most Flattering Dresses For Plus Size Women

When it comes to dressing for important events or formal events, it can be really hard out there for a fashionable girl who needs a plus size. Everything is way too short or way too long, the hemline tends to hit at the wrong part, and dresses that are long enough can feel really old. That is why it is so important to figure out which dresses are the best for your body and which ones you should probably stay away from – though know that every single body is different and what works on one plus sized girl won’t work on another.

At the end of the day, you absolutely have to wear what feels the most comfortable to you.

Still, here are some of the top dresses that we have found work for a majority of plus size women:

Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is a great style for women of all sizes, including plus sizes. Why? It can be tailored instantly to your body. Want to cinch in your waist? You can do it by pulling the wrap tighter. Want to cover up your chest? You can do that by crossing the dress a bit more. Wrap dresses are really the most accessible type of dress, which is why they never really go out of style.

Word to the wise: make sure that your wrap dress has good fabric so that it will stay put. If it is too thin, it will slide.

Fit and Flare

A fit and flare dress is one of the most iconic styles and for plus size women, it is a dress that many of us have and can rely on to look great in. This style tends to be tighter at the top (where many of us are naturally blessed) and then looser around the hips and stomach.

Not only does this mean that we can feel more comfortable as we go, it also means that we can keep this one in our wardrobe for an extended amount of time. If you are looking for that little black dress that will always make you feel good, this is the perfect style.

High Low

A very common problem that most of us face when it comes to dresses is that we find one we love, but it always rides up in the back. If you have any sort of hips or booty, it feels like you constantly have to pull it down.

That is why the high low dress is so great – it provides you with just a bit of extra coverage that can make you feel comfortable. Another great thing is that you can get so many different styles here, so you really don’t have to make sacrifices.

Body Con

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And why not? Gone are the days when we needed to hide under layers and layers of clothing. Now, you can show off your body and feel great about it – and designers are catching up too.

Nowadays, women have so many more options when it comes to body con dresses.

Which dress style are you anxious to try?

Image by renepfister licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)