Most Flattering Dresses For Tall Women

When it comes to dressing for important events or formal events, tall women sometimes don’t know where to look. Everything is way too short, the hemline tends to hit at the wrong part, and dresses that are long enough can be mumsy. That is why it is so important to figure out which dresses are the best for your body and which ones you should probably stay away from – though know that every single body is different and what works on one tall girl won’t work on another.

Still, here are some of the top dresses that we have found work for a majority of taller women:

Simple Column Dress

Sometimes when you are tall, you don’t have to add much to your look to get the best results. Instead, you can simply wear a dress that is well constructed, draped beautifully, and actually fits your figure. For the most part, column dresses are often cut with a bit of a longer hemline, which makes it a great choice for taller girls.

To get the most out of your dress (or to add some individual style) you can accessorize this type of dress with whatever you want.

Open Backed

If you are tall, there is a good chance that you can pull off silhouettes that might just hit other women in the wrong way. For most tall women, we tend to have long backs and more opportunity to show off this universally flattering body part.

An open backed dress needs to be fit properly and should be made well, you may want to get it tailored if possible. Either way, make sure that it hits you in all the right spots – if it isn’t fit on the shoulders, it could fall off. If it doesn’t fit at the base of your back, you could risk flashing people.

Micro Mini

Short dresses are often something tall women are told to stay away from – but that shouldn’t be the case. Instead, tall women should show off their legs.

Of course, make sure that the dress fits your torso and doesn’t ride too high – but don’t be afraid to show off.


If you aren’t interested in something that is form fitting, why not go with a flowy dress? While this style dress can sometimes overwhelm shorter girls, it can look graceful and classy on taller girls. Make sure to find one that has some good tailoring and, once again, you can dress it up with as many accessories as you want.

There are so many options for this and, if you want, you can hem it to be tea length and still get a great usability out of it.

Which one will you wear?

Image by StockSnap licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)