Must-Have Dresses Every Woman Needs


As a woman, you know there are just certain things you gotta have. Lip gloss, good makeup brushes, at least one pair of killer heels. You know… the basics. But there are also certain crucial pieces of a wardrobe that are essential for your style well-being and overall feminine happiness (in other words… pretty stuff that fits perfectly and makes you look and feel utterly fantastic). Among those crucial pieces are dresses. But you don’t need to break the bank to ensure your fashion needs are covered. If you just hone in on these essential styles, you’ll have the basics to build your wardrobe empire on!

  • Flirty Summer dress – This is the dress you go to when you want to wear something flowy, flirty, light, and fun. It embodies the sunny, easy going, free spirt of those warm Summer months. Depending on where you live, your “flirty Summer dress” might actually last you from Spring to Fall, so look for options like this and this.
  • Printed floral – Printed florals can run the gamut, from demure and muted, to big, bright, and bold. They can also work for any number of occasions, from cocktail parties, to backyard BBQs. And best of all, a printed floral dress is the easiest, fastest way to feel uber-feminine. Some chic options include this, this, and this.
  • Flowing maxi – A long, flowy maxi can be the basis for the ultimate no-fuss outfit, and they are beyond perfect for when you want to look “put together” but you can’t be hassled to actually put yourself together. Throw on a maxi dress, some leather strappy sandals, a fedora (if you really can’t be bothered doing your hair), and you’re good to go. Maxis like this, this, and this are ideal.
  • Knee-length tailored sheath – You can call this your “grown-up” dress if you’d like…but just don’t ever call it boring. This dress should fall at, or just above or below, the knee. It’ also more structured at the waist and in the arms than a casual dress. These are not only great for work, but also for special events like dinner parties and other semi-formal special occasions. Consider killer options like this, this, and this.
  • Sexy mini – Even if you are self-conscious about this above-the-knee length, there are lots of different styles and silhouettes that fit the bill. Of course, there is the body-con mini, the sheath, and possibly the most flattering of all, the fit-and-flare. Even if you want to camouflage your “problem areas,” there is almost certainly a mini that will work… like this, this, and this.


Image by Vanessa Porter is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)