Packing for your summer vacation

Packing for your summer vacation

With summer here at last and the end of school in sight for many our minds are turning to lazy summer days spent by the pool, enjoying the beach and relaxing and recharging. With summer the prime time for vacations one of the top activities we all love to hate is just around the corner: packing for vacation. Maybe you are taking a trip to the beach or the lake, maybe you are getting ready for an adventure fill trip full of fun or maybe you are going on a city break. Wherever you are planning to spend your summer this fail safe guide will help you pack those suitcases stress free.

For a beach or lake vacation

Think sunshine, water and relaxation, whether you are heading to the ocean or enjoying the sunshine around the lake you will not want to forget your swimwear; pick either a great swimsuit, tankini or bikini two-piece to shine on the beach. You will also want to make sure you take a good beach cover up to keep the sun off of your skin throughout the day. Shorts will help when you are strolling to and from the beach and while out and about at your chosen your location and strapless tops are great for days spent by the beach and will help you avoid strap marks.


For a summer of adventure

If you are more of the adventuring type and you summer vacation is more about exploration than it is about getting a tan then you will not want to forget these summer essentials, to keep you looking stylish yet cool and comfortable at the same time. Great shorts which will not rub or chafe will help while you are out and about exploring your chosen locations. Loose t-shirts are great in the summer heat and will keep you covered up from the suns harmful rays while keeping you cool and with a good airflow around your body lessening the amount you will sweat. If you are going to be adventuring on your feet this summer the most important item is some great walking shoes, the last thing you will want is uncomfortable or wearing shoes which will rub your feet.


For a stylish city break

Cities in the summer can be hot, very hot, so what you pack is going to be pivotal in keeping you looking stylish in the city heat. Many people head out of cities as much as possible in the summer due to the lack of airflow because of the tall buildings and straight streets. A great pair of comfortable shorts will help keep your cool, and pair it with a loose top for maximum comfort in the heat. Another option is a loose fitting summer dress and looks great paired with some comfortable sandals while your stroll around the city, taking in the sights. Comfortable shoes are a must if you are spending your days exploring the sights of the city, but in the high humidity you will want to keep maximum airflow to your feel. A comfortable pair of flat sandals will work brilliantly, keeping you comfortable at all times as we well as keeping you cool while still looking fashionable.


Wherever you are going you can never have enough sunscreen, it will help protect your sun from the harmful rays as well as stop you from burning your skin and do not forget a great pair of sunglasses too.


Image by Unsplash is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)