Shine Bright: New Ways to Wear Sequins

Can you wear sequins as an adult? This is a question many people have asked already, wondering whether or not they can get away with what was once a staple of our wardrobes. We all had that homecoming dress that had beautiful sequins sewn onto it, or a shirt that spelled out a word in sequins.

You don’t have to give them up! Instead, you just have to revamp them a bit so that they fit into your current wardrobe and life – or maybe you can throw caution to the wind and wear them anyway.

As a Hint

The easiest way to wear sequins is to use them as just a hint of shine or color on an otherwise blank canvas. Consider adding them to a hat or on a bag to get some shine, but not overwhelm. You do not need to have an entire garment composed out of sequins if you don’t want – a few will go a long way.

To the Boardroom

Want to be the talk of the boardroom for your fashion and your creative ideas? Add some sequins to a blazer! This is a hard one to rock if you aren’t confident, but if you pair it with a relatively simple outfit and you walk in like you own the place, it will certainly be possible.

Add to the Basics

When you add sequins to your favorite basics, you get something that isn’t quite so basic anymore. For example, adding a bit of shine to your favorite pair of jeans will make them a little more fun for you to wear. In fact, they make it possible to wear jeans in different situations because they are little more dressed up.

When Swimming

When you add sequins to a swimming suit, you suddenly have something that will glimmer and shimmer a bit more in the sunlight when you are on the beach or by the pool. If you aren’t interested in wearing them on your actual swimming suit, you can always buy a sparkly pair of flip flops that utilize them.

For the Whimsy

Whimsical t-shirts, hats, and bags all use sequins quite frequently to help make them more fun. Don’t be afraid of whimsical attire, just make sure that you wear it in appropriate spaces.

Sequins are a huge part of most wardrobes up until we hit high school, but they are so fun, so why should we give them up? If you are still interested in wearing sequins on a daily or weekly basis, consider some of the above – or just make sure your party dresses always have some.

Image by Anna_Bella  licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)