Statement Pieces To Up Your Wardrobe Game

Has your wardrobe been lacking just a bit lately? Trying to wear clothing that you just don’t love? Hiding your scuffed shoes under your pants? Many of us are going through lean times right now and it’s hard to imagine digging ourselves out enough to buy completely new wardrobes.

There’s a trick that is an oldie but goodie, however, and that is to add a statement piece to your outfit. It doesn’t matter what that piece is – all you need to do is have something that will grab attention.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are a great place to start when you want to add some pop to your outfit. They are a great way to bring attention to your face. You can go as bright and sparkly as you want or more bold and utilitarian.

A statement necklace can spice up any outfit that is just a little plain, a little boring, or needs a pop of something special.

Statement Heels

If it worked for Carrie Bradshaw, it should be able to work for you. Statement shoes are a great way to bring any outfit from meh to fashion. Don’t simply wear black heels or white sneakers. Instead, add colors, patterns, interesting design elements, or some sparkle. There are so many affordable statement shoes out there that can become staples in your wardrobe.

Statement boots, in particular, go a long way to make every outfit just a bit more upscale.


Of course, one of the best statement accessories is a pair of sunglasses. This will help you to look great and protect your eyes if you buy smart. Sunglasses are great to throw on when you are going outside for anything – from going to work to running to the store for milk.

Just make sure that your sunglasses are quality and don’t look like everyone else’s. While those are great, they don’t make a statement.

A Good Blazer

Blazers make the perfect statement piece because they can be really generic and boring – or they can be something quite extraordinary. Whether your statement piece is simply having a blazer, or it is a specific blazer with some embroidery or a bright color, you will certainly make a statement.

No matter what you choose for your statement piece, know that there is nothing wrong with taking fashion risks and trying something new with your wardrobe.

Image by  Free-Photos from Pixabay  licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)