Stylish Men’s Rainwear Guide


The change in season might promise the relief of frigid temperatures, but with Spring also comes those pesky and persistent Spring showers! Which leaves you with the age-old dilemma…do you dress for style or for practicality? Well, we pose this question instead…why not both? Yes, waterproof style is possible, and we’ve got some great options for you!

Water-repellent or water-proof?

You might be confused by this basic distinction, but it’s an important one to know before you set out to add pieces to your wardrobe fit to combat Spring’s wet weather. Waterproof means that the fabric is impervious to water. Water-repellent means that the fabric has been treated so that is not easily penetrated by water. Obviously, if you intend to be out in the rain for an extended period of time, look for something that is more waterproof than repellent…but, if you’ll just be dashing to and from in the rain, water-repellent will perform brilliantly.

Raincoats – Once you start looking to expand your raingear options, you will soon see that you have lots of options that blend style and practicality. You can don more casual coats, like this and this, or moderately sleek styles, like this, right up to all-out dashing coats, like this.

Waterproof footwear – Here too, no matter what your outfit requires, from casual to dressy, there are footwear options that will help you battle the elements in style!

  • Shoes, boots, and loafers – You have low-ankle options like this and this, or dress boots like this, this, this, and this.
  • Hiking and walking – If your travels will have you walking for extended periods of time in soggy roads and streets, you might want to consider more rugged options, like this, this, and this.
  • Wellies – And if you intend on really spending time in the great, wet outdoors, then classic Wellies, like these, these, and these will ensure not a single drop of water will touch even a toe!

Water-proof accessories – Coats and Wellies are great for keeping your body and feet dry in the Spring torrents, but what about keeping your head and belongings dry? Well, it just so happens we’ve got some stylish and practical options there too!

  • Bags and backpacks – No matter if you’ve got a lot to carry and need a backpack or duffel, or you have just a few important documents and need a smaller pouch, bags like this, this, and this will keep all your stuff safe and dry.
  • Hats – Casual hats and ball-caps like this, this, and this… dressier chapeaus such as fedoras hooligan hats like this, this, this, and this… or even rugged, outdoorsy wide-brim options like this and this…will all help to keep your hair game on point in even the nastiest downpour!


Image by Sascha Kohlmann  is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)