Summer wears for the fashion conscious male


We spend a lot of time focusing on the fashion and trends faced by women, their body shapes, what is hot and what is not, but today we are going to look at the fashion trends for males throughout this warm summer season, what is good to wear and how men too can look stylish this summer.



A great loose fitting t-shirt is a brilliant addition to any man’s summer wardrobe. If you are looking to keep yourself cool, stick to light colors, with white being the best in the heat. If you need something even less than a t-shirt because your summer heat is hot and humid then you might want to pair your outfit with a tank top instead. In the evening swap your t-shirt or tank for a short sleeved shirt.



In the warm summer days, you will want to keep yourself as cool as possible, and you might want to invest in a couple of pairs of shorts. The best and most relaxed style for men are Bermuda shorts, which work well paired with t-shirts, tank tops and even short sleeved shirts on warm summer evenings. Bermuda shorts can be worn casually both during the day and at night.



If you want to keep the sun off your head and neck this summer, then you will want to grab yourself a stylish hat. There are many great styles of hats which are perfect for men, from the trilby hat to the baseball cap or you might even want to try a cowboy hat if that is more your style. Each one will keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays without causing you to sweat too much, especially a trilby or a cowboy hat which are much more breathable being made of straw.


Light Jacket:

Although summer time sometimes the nights can be a little cooler depending where you live, or the weather a little rainier (Florida I am looking at you) and a light summer jacket might be needed to keep you a little warmer or drier.



A great summer shoe for men is a pair of Espadrilles, which is closed in and easier to walk around in compared to flip flops. Espadrilles are great if you need a sturdier shoe but do not want to wear sneakers especially throughout the summer when you might be taking day trips, walking around more while on vacation or looking for something to slip on when heading to the lake or beach. Plus, they are light, breathable and easy to keep clean.


Flip Flops:

If you are spending time on vacation, where you live is particularly warm or you are heading to the beach or lake this summer then you will not want to forget your flip flops. Easy to throw on with your beachwear flip flops are the perfect summer shoe.


Image by Unsplash is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (Source: Pixabay)