The Best Ways to Wear Pastels This Spring


When spring comes around, pastels are probably going to be on every catwalk and on everyone that attends weddings, celebrations, and even the office. However, it can be pretty boring to just wear pastels each and every day without doing something at least a little different. Sure, we all have pastel dresses or skirts, but what about something new?

Here are some fun new ways to bring pastels into your wardrobe this spring:


Pastels always seem to be limited to when you are wearing something girly or something for the office – but what about when you are sweating or just running around to pick up groceries? Adding some pastel workout gear or even just pastel sneakers can ensure that you are embracing this trend wherever you go.

On Your Nails

Really aren’t interested in wearing pastel on your clothing? Many people just don’t like the look or feel of pastel clothing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get that spring feeling. Instead, consider adding some pastel tones to your makeup – add some pastel eyeshadow into your daily rotation or get a pastel manicure to bring everything together.

Embracing Femininity

Another approach you can take is to just embrace your femininity and go for a completely girly pastel look. When you do this, you might not want to do an entire outfit, but you want to have one item that is really different and really stands out. For example, you might want a statement-making dress or a fantastic purse with unique details. What you get really helps dress up even the most basic outfit.

In Traditionally Masculine Forms

Wearing a great pair of boots that come in a pastel color or even a leather jacket that is a pastel color can help you to embrace the trend just a little bit more. This will help you to wear more pastels and it will ensure that you get more use out of them.

By Pairing It With Black

When you pair pastels with black, you are making them pop more than they would before. It is also a great way to wear pastels if you don’t love the way lighter clothing makes your body look or if you fear a cup of coffee spilling into your lap.

Pastel flowers on a black background or even on a darker purple background can be such a great look for many women.

How will you add pastels to your wardrobe this year

Image by MisterBean licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)