The Leopard Pump – 4 Unexpected Ways to Wow


The leopard pump is definitely one of those “holy grail” wardrobe items that every woman needs in her fashion arsenal. Sure, the higher the heel height, the more…um…seductive (and less work-wear-appropriate) the leopard print pump becomes. But if you’re talking a leopard print pump with a heel height between 2-3 inches, then you are talking a pump that is definitely one of the most versatile, stylish, and classy a woman can own. Maybe the pattern has been holding your leopard pumps from achieving their full measure of greatness, but hopefully these 5 ideas will begin to open your mind to the possibilities!

  • With cropped boyfriend jeans and a fitted tee – One of the things that makes this pair so great is the fact that the pumps here, especially if they are pointed-toe, are what steps this otherwise casual outfit up a notch. Even though the print itself is fun, the shape of the shoe balances out the relaxed fit of the jean and tee. It’s casual, yet refined.
  • With slim cropped trousers and a white button-down – Again, this is an absolute must if you’re looking to introduce the leopard print pump to the workplace. Maybe you have been feeling limited by the leopard print thinking that only a few fall hues can be matched with it (golds, browns, black, etc.). But in reality, as long as the pieces are solid in color (no pattern), then even your pallet of pieces is virtually unlimited. Broaden your mind…think shades of green, burgundy, teal, grey, purple. The list goes on and on.
  • With an A-line skirt and flowy blouse – Again, for this to work, you need to open your mind to the world of possibility when it comes to pairing leopard print with colors. If you feel safest grounding the outfit with a black skirt, that’s ok too. Just be sure to try to add some color with the blouse. And you can always tie the leopard print in by accessorizing with a nice, warm yellow gold…earrings, bracelet, long, delicate necklace…you get the idea, to bring out the yellow/gold tones in the print.
  • With skinny jeans, fitted tee, and a colorful blazer – This is a fun-yet-polished leopard-print option to wear out to lunch with friends, on a date, even out to dinner or a show. The jeans and tee give it some degree of a “comfortable vibe,” but since both are more tailored and fitted, when you add the blazer, you definitely get an overall dressier feel. Opt for a dark, even wash on the jeans, and a tee that is either plain or with minimal graphics on the front. The blazer can be a bit more casual, or if you’d prefer a more formal blazer, that would work here too. For the really adventurous…why not let the blazer be your “pop of color,” or even use it to incorporate a very thin striped pattern? Why not!


Free image courtesy of Google Images