The Trend Continues: Chunk Sneakers

For over a year now, there has been one trend that has stuck around that I swore would go away: dad sneakers, chunky sneakers, walkers, or whatever you want to call them. While they are comfortable and easy to add to any outfit, I just didn’t see them sticking around.

I was wrong.

This shoe style is here to stay into the summer and even into the fall, so you may want to invest in a pair before all of these are gone. Which ones should you get? Here are some suggestions:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

So many of these sneakers are white because that goes with so many different outfits, but you know what else does too? Rainbow! While it is still Pride month, rainbows are in style all year round, so why not add them to your shoes. Not only will this ensure that you don’t have to worry about matching, it will also set you apart from so many other people wearing the same style of sneaker.

Thick Soled

Another huge trend right now is to have thicker soles on your shoes – so why not combine the trends? Sneakers with thick soles are still part of the “chunky” trend, but you don’t have the “dad” vibes that some people want to avoid.

Instead, you get some added height and the chance to have comfortable shoes to walk around in while being eye level with everyone else if you are short.

Plain White

Of course the shoe that started the whole trend needs to be here. If you aren’t walking through dirt or grass, white sneakers are really one of the best ways to go. They can dress down just about any dress or add some style to a more casual outfit. Even better, they are comfortable and easy to block out any other color.

Just make sure that you clean off any scuffs or markings as soon as possible or they won’t look quite as fashionable anymore.

Classic Platform

Remember in the mid 90s when we all had a pair of platform sneakers? They were surprisingly comfortable and didn’t have the tendency to overturn your ankles. Well, those are back as well.

All you really have to do is pair them with anything and you will get a great retro feel as well as a comfortable surface to walk on.

Get to stepping!

Image by Peter Gottschalk licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)