Trends From NYFW: Bold Florals For Your Wardrobe

Gone are the days when floral patterns are reserved for your Great Aunt or your grandmother. Now, you can wear florals and still be in style – which is great because let’s be honest, most of us really like them.

Now, if you are hesitant to wear them, don’t be. There are so many great options out there for people who need something new and fresh to wear.

Floral Shoes Add Surprise

When you think about the shoes that you wear, often they are all pretty much the same. Shoes really don’t change all that much – but what if you could add some florals to your feet?

When you get floral shoes, you want to think about what you can wear them with in your wardrobe. They aren’t necessarily hard to match, but there are some things that they just won’t look all that great with, so be careful.

No matter what, start with something bold – don’t skimp out here.

Floral Dresses Are Fun & Flirty

If you aren’t all that comfortable with florals just yet, you may want to start by adding in a floral dress. They are perfect because they can be accessorized to match your style. You can also get them in so many different patterns including bold prints that aren’t too bold, embossed prints, and even personalized prints.

If you add heels, these dresses immediately become more interesting and formal. Add some flats, sneakers, or even flip flops? It’s a great, pulled together casual look.

Maybe Start Small

If you are afraid to try something so new with your wardrobe, maybe you want to start on the smaller side. Add a pop of bold florals with your socks. There are so many different options in socks out there, and you will be able to match your favorite flower, a flower that means something to you, or just match your mood for that day.

Just make sure that the flowers are easy to see once you have put the socks on – they tend to stretch.

Add Some Floral Pants

While some people may be afraid of a great pair of floral pants, you shouldn’t be. Shirts shouldn’t be the only ones to have some fun in the fashion game. With floral pants, you can actually wear some of your more subdued shirts that you want to wear but feel boring sometimes.

Even better, you can wear an equally bold shirt to really create a fashion statement.

Which of these fashionable flower patterns are you going to add to your wardrobe this season?

Image by khiemyc khiemyc from Pixabay  licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)