Prints, Prints, Prints: Embrace Them!

When we look at the next few seasons, one of the biggest trends is certainly going to be prints – prints of all kinds of all kinds of things. From abstract prints that have no rhyme or reason to prints that are geometric to prints that are artistic, there are so many different kinds of prints on the market today that it can be overwhelming. You don’t have to wear prints like you see on the models – certainly, you would look out of place in an office. However, you can use bits and pieces of those looks to get your own style.


Nothing looks better than a fantastic blazer, especially if you are a businesswoman ready to conquer the world. Blazers are a great way to show off some of your individuality as well as some of your style. For the corporate world, go for something that is a little more understated like a black blazer with a print built into it.


If you aren’t actually ready to wear a print on your body, how about on your feet? Printed shoes can add some great touches to your outfits, especially if you go with something a little more understated on top and then a pop of print on your feet.

Printed Pants

Ready to really push yourself with fashion? How about some printed pants? These will enable you to dress as you want and take no prisoners. It takes a really fashionable person to pull off printed pants, whether they are jeans, slacks, or just leggings.

Just remember to make the rest of your outfit really simple or you become a little crazy.


Of course, printed dresses are always going to be in style, especially ones that are a little bit sweet and a little bit twee. Too often, we think of this as being a bad thing but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Get yourself a great dress that accentuates your body print – and just happens to have some printing on it.

How will you incorporate print into your wardrobe? Just remember that it is more important that the person wearing the outfit actually feels comfortable and ready to wear the outfit. You can pull anything off as long as you have the attitude to do so.

Image by farhanihsann licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)