Work That Baby Bump! How to Rock Maternity Wear


Take a step back from your swollen ankles, morning sickness, backaches, and surreal little person stretching and kicking and “bubbling” in your womb, and consider how amazing this is. You are more than glowing, you’re creating a personinside you. Like…whoa, right? However, we know it may not feel so “amazing” when it comes to trying to dress your oddly-shaped and quickly-changing figure. But hey, “maternity fashion” does exist, and there are some very real, very easy tips to keep in mind that will ease your time in front of the mirror.

Accessories – Accessories are key, they are versatile, and they go a long way. Something like a long, flowy scarf can easily be layered on to almost any outfit, to add a bit of texture, color, and camouflage. Can you wear a belt? Absolutely! So what your waist isn’t exactly in the same place you remember it to be…adding a thin belt to a dress or over an open cardigan, positioned on the top side of your baby bump, creates a semi-empire waist effect. It’s perfect for when you are not interested in camouflage the bump, but flaunting it (and how beautiful you are in all your Mommy-to-be glory)!

Knit fabrics – Knit fabrics are your friend! As a general rule of thumb, and if only for your own comfort during this time, your fabrics of choice should be cotton, and cotton blends with a good degree of “stretch” to them. Look, you’re pregnant. By trying to wear only loose, baggy clothes, you are not doing yourself any favors. In fact, instead of pregnant, you might just end up looking very, very heavy. Instead, embrace your new-found maternity beauty. Maxi skirts and dresses made from knit fabric will not only keep their shape, but will help to highlight and make the most of yours.

Button-downs – How can you not love button-downs? They can be worn buttoned but un-tucked you’re your bump, or open with a tank. Denim and plaid shirts, even sheer blouses with full-length camisoles underneath allow for your belly, but also pay respect to the rest of your shape by fitting more closely through the chest and arms. Pair them with nice, stretchy leggings or tights, and you’ve got a quick-yet-flattering (and oh-so-comfy) outfit on the go.

Say YES to color, prints, and patterns – Again, there is no point trying to hide your body in all-black (although you certainly can on occasion…just don’t live in it). You are about to bring a freakin’ life into this world. You totally ROCK. If anything, this is your big chance to experiment with color and play with pattern. We’re talkin’ stripes, florals, color blocking…all of it. Be bright, be bold, cause baby, you’re about to have a baby…and you are beautiful!


Image by Kelly Hunter  is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: flickr)