38 Unanswered Questions We Have After Seeing Us

Us Movie Lupita Nyong'o

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Like many others this weekend, team ELLE.com saw Jordan Peele’s brand new horror movie, Us. (It brought in a huge $70 million at the box office in the U.S. alone.) Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex in unforgettable dual roles—a regular family on vacation, and their terrifying doppelgangers—it was full of frights.

But, with a twisty ending that makes you question the whole story all over again, and bucketloads of clues planted throughout, Us was also full of mysteries. We had a lot of questions after seeing the movie. Here are all 38 of them. —Estelle Tang, Nikki Ogunnaike, Angel Lenise, and Rose Minutaglio

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

  • Who made the funhouse? They clearly knew what it led to/was covering up.
  • Did anyone else notice when Adelaide snapped on the 1s and 3s? That should’ve been a hint that something was up.
  • Why was Adelaide so obsessed with Hands Across America? I honestly don’t even remember those ads.
  • It’s very creepy that the Tethered don’t have eyebrows, but…why wouldn’t they have eyebrows? Aren’t they clones?
  • What’s the significance of Jeremiah 11:11?
  • Okay, “I Got 5 on It” is a banger, but is there a deeper meaning to that song being in the movie? Apart from it being “a dope song.”
  • Why were the rabbits in cages at the beginning and then just running around at the end? Is it just symbolism?
  • Seriously, why did they have to only eat rabbit?
  • What’s…with…the…bunnies?
    • Tunnels: why?
    • So if Red got out, and Adelaide was really trapped in the tunnels since she was a kid (which is very very very very sad and if I think about it too much longer I will probably cry again), should we be calling Addie “Red” and vice versa? That is too confusing.
    • Was it too obvious that Red and Adelaide switched places right from the beginning or not obvious enough?
    • What is Winston Duke’s phone number? I need it…for reasons.
    • Is this movie a commentary on how humans are destroying the world?
    • Or just Americans?
    • And is it saying that if we don’t realize we are all connected, we will continue to kill each other? NOT PREPARED.
      Us Movie Lupita Nyong'o

      Claudette BariusUniversal

      • Why the red jumpsuits? It’s a Hands Across America thing, right? But…how did the Tethered get them, and if they could get them from somewhere, then why couldn’t they eat stuff that wasn’t rabbit!!!!!!!
      • And where did they get those scissors? They are pretty chic, but honestly I’m not sure if I can ever look at brass scissors the same way from now on. I guess I can’t go to Anthropologie ever again.
        • Where did they get the GLOVES, for crying out loud???? Did they just put in a bulk order at Walmart?
        • Which Adelaide am I supposed to root for? The one who got out, or the one who got trapped and then basically turned into her own evil doppelganger anyway? My brain. It hurts.
        • How did Red/doppelganger Adelaide end up so good at emulating human behavior if she didn’t have a soul?
        • How did Gabe not realize he was married to a soulless doppelganger? He doesn’t seem like the brightest, but still.
        • What size bed do they have in that vacation home? Just need to make sure I have the right size at my place…for reasons.
        • Who created the Tethered?
        • Why were the Tethered created in the first place?
        • Where did the creators of the experiment go?
        • When did they terminate the clone experiment? Why?
          Us Movie Evan Alex

          Claudette BariusUniversal

          • Because if the real Adelaide only got into the underground world when she was a child, how would she know the origins of the experiment?
          • Why did they just leave them underground? If you were running such a complicated, expensive, secret experiment—wouldn’t you at least want to hide the evidence?
          • Was the experiment only located in Santa Cruz? In California? Just America? In that final shot, it looked like there were a LOT of Tethered. (That’s a lot of red jumpsuits, too— I don’t know how Dickies didn’t notice something was going on?) Red seems to think they’ll be safe in Mexico, so…maybe it’s just the U.S. (Us….get it?)
          • Why was the evil Jason always copying what real Jason did? Because he was still used to the “copying” protocol, or because he was childlike?
          • How many people are going to wear red jumpsuits for Halloween?
          • Why was the dancing scene the key to the other Tethered realizing the real, trapped Adelaide was different? Did she have to copy Red (who was now in the real world)—and how did she do that, since she wasn’t bred to do that? Wouldn’t Red actually have to copy what Adelaide was doing, if that’s how the mirroring works?
            Us Movie Lupita Nyong'o

            Claudette BariusUniversal

            • Did Red EVER try to escape on her own? I’m sure she was in shock, but she took 30 years and so many of the Tethered with her when she could’ve simply attempted an escape herself?
            • Who’s the real bad guy? Is it…us????
            • Do we root for Red/”Adelaide,” because she is assimilated into above-ground culture? Or do we secretly wish Adelaide would’ve had her absolute revenge, even if that meant the destruction of basically every above-ground American?
            • How deep into the ocean did that Tethered Hands Across America chain go?! That’s real dark.
            • The Tethered seemed to have complete independence of body and mind by the time they emerged from the tunnels. But then, Gabe hit his own head to knock Abraham out…so when do those lines cross? Who chooses when the Tethered go back to “just” being clones?


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