4 bags your need in your closet NOW!

Fashion is more than just which shoes with which pants but can extend far and wide into the realms of accessories. One of the most important thing, and the accessory of choice of many women across the globe, is the love of handbags. So many of us have huge bag collections (I know I do and I need to slim it down in the absolute worst way) and today I am going to tell you how to not only cull your bag collection but also how to keep (or buy) just five bags which will cover you for almost any occasion.


The Slouch bag:

The slouch bag will more than likely be the biggest bag you have in your collection and will fit perfectly into your everyday life. From running errands, going to the office or even meeting your friends or family for a casual weekend lunch, this bag will work for you. They pretty much hold everything you might need (but be careful to not overfill them as your shoulder will definitely suffer as a result) and you will also be able to fit a larger purse in them too which just means another reason to shop, right? Moms, if you are looking for a bag that is not a diaper bag but will still fit everything you need, then look no further, the slouch bag is just right for you.


A Rucksack:

Did you know rucksacks are not just for camping trips anymore? Rucksacks are back in fashion and whether you are looking for a cute black leather one, one in a great print or even a practical version there will be something for you. A rucksack is a great one to keep in your bag collection and trust me, you will be more than thankful once your vacation time rolls round. Aside from that they also make brilliant overnight bags too.


The Clutch Bag:

The clutch bag is the perfect bag for any formal occasion, from a night out for dinner with your husband to a night on the town with the girls. You can choose a clutch in various designs, styles and colors, but ultimately a simple black clutch will be perfect in your collection, matching almost any outfit and any occasion.


The Shoulder Bag:

If carrying a clutch is not for you when why not try the classic shoulder bag. Many clutch bags even have the functionality to add a strap too, which means you get two bags in your collection for the price of one. A shoulder bag does not have to be big but instead is perfectly dainty and will go with any formal outfit.


Image by Snufkin is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)