5 Summer Style Upgrades Every Guy Can Make

When summer weather is at its stickiest, it’s easy to choose function over fashion. Workwear that hinges on whatever won’t get soaked through on your morning commute. Weekends filled with flip flops and ancient swim trunks. If that sounds like you, you may be stuck in a summer style rut. The good news? Every guy can nail a summer style upgrade with just a few swaps.

Below, five easy ways to turn up the heat on a summer style upgrade:

Style Upgrade #1 Tie on a Bandana

via British GQ

There’s no faster…or cheaper…or easier way to achieve a summer style upgrade than by throwing on a bandana.

On the weekends, it’s easy to get a little lazy and think there’s no way to make a t-shirt and shorts outfit look stylish. But if you want to make the whole thing feel intentional and cool, just add a bandana! Whether you wear it like a headband like Jay Z, or jauntily tie it around your neck, it’ll elevate your whole summer style game.

Check out this article from The Trendspotter on all the ways guys can wear a bandana.

American Eagle bandana, $10

Style Upgrade #2 Shorten Your Shorts

J.Crew 6″ shorts, $65

Okay okay, we know this suggestion is going to make some of you a little uncomfortable, but we’re all about nudging you out of your style comfort zone! Because there’s just something oh-so-2019 about a pair of shorts that end well above a guy’s kneecaps.

That’s why a favorite look around SG HQ for guys this summer is a shorter short. We’re talking 6″ inseams, and even 5″. Not only is a shorter short on trend, it’s also more flattering, and (duh) especially great for warm weather, since you’re getting extra ventilation.

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Style Upgrade #3 Lighten up in Summer Suiting

via Esquire

David Beckham looking obnoxiously perfect simply sitting in the stands at Wimbledon? Annoying maybe, sure, but don’t sleep on the style lessons he’s sharing here.

When getting dressed up in the summer, it’s easy to pull on a suit or sport coat in year-round wool (while grumbling about how hot you’ll be). But if you have a reason to get dressed up enough, it’s worth considering if you can afford to invest in some summer suiting. Think: linen, cotton, and seersucker. You’ll literally look and feel much cooler, like Mr. Beckham above.

Todd Snyder cotton suit (on sale!)

Style Upgrade #4 Mix It Up

via Harper’s Bazaar

Look, are we suggesting you wear the exact head-to-toe looks of Seth Rogen and Eric Andre at the recent premiere of the live-action The Lion King? I mean, no…

But! If you want to get a little (ahem) wild with your summer wardrobe, you should!

Wearing patterns and textures says, “I am a snappy summer dresser who’s not afraid to show my style stripes.”

If you’re nervous, start small. A pin-stripe shirt with a madras tie. Seersucker shorts with a linen top. You get the idea. Before long, you’ll be a summer wardrobe mix master.

RVCA patterned shirt, $55

Style Upgrade #5 Go Monochrome

instagram: @henrygolding

Of course, paring down the contrast in your summer outfits can look stylish too. Try wearing all one color, or one color in varying shades, like Henry Golding’s all-blue look above.


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