8 Cozy, Stylish Cardigans For Guys

Guys, I’m here to tell you something important about your fall and winter wardrobes, so listen up. When you want to dress up your jeans-and-whatever outfit, y’know cardigans for guys? Well, they’re your new best friend.

A cardigan is the lazy man’s favorite sweater, and with good reason! You don’t even have to pull it over your head.

Heck, you don’t even need to button a cardigan if you don’t want to (most of them anyway).

And as we move into winter—it’s close, if not basically here already for a lot of us—you can pair a heavy-gauge cardigan with a light coat, and skip the heavy-duty jacket altogether.

At least for a little while longer, anyway…

Below, 8 of the best cardigans for guys this season:

1. Bonobos, $198

SG Says: A sturdy shawl collar cardigan remains the OG for guys. It’s basically like wearing a light jacket, so you can pull it on over most anything and it’ll look stylish.

Think: t-shirts, button-up shirts, henleys…the list goes on.

2. Todd Snyder, $198

SG Says: Anyone wearing this cozy Todd Snyder cardigan in Italian merino wool automatically looks like a tall drink of hot spiced apple cider, and I am here for it.

Oh, and fair warning: I realize some of these sweaters aren’t exactly cheap. The good news is: so long as you opt for a classic style and color, you’ll have this baby for the long haul.

A cardigan like the one above will be a “your kids will eventually steal it from you someday” keeper.

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3. Polo Ralph Lauren, $300

SG Says: Maybe don’t button it all the way up to the top of your neck (is it just me or does the model look uncomfortable?!), but otherwise I’m all about this whole outfit.

You could also pair this wool-cashmere blend cardigan, which feels a bit like a cozy chore jacket, with chinos or dress pants. Go for a pair in a “leaves falling off the trees” hue like rust or gold.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch, $98

SG Says: Textured…slightly patterned, but not so much that you’re scared off from wearing it…will look great on your gf?

Wowow, this A&F cardigan’s got it all.

5. Thom Browne, $950

SG Says: Yes, it’s expensive. No denying that.

But this Thom Browne sweater with its iconic tricolor grosgrain placket is like the Burberry trench, or the best song off Taylor Swift’s 1989.

…It’ll never go out of style, duh!

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6. J.Crew, $115 (on sale)

SG Says: Okay, this one I would button up all the way. I know! Women are full of contradictions.

With slim-fit denim or chinos, this wool blend polo cardigan would look really dapper (and I never use that word, so you know I really mean it).

Oh, and it also comes in grey!

7. Naadam, $195

SG Says: One of Team SG’s favorite DTC (aka, direct-to-consumer) brands, this forest green number from Naadam Cashmere looks and feels super-sturdy, for when you want to dress up a little but still feel as comfy as hell. When it comes to cardigans for guys, this is a stylish staple you’ll have forever.

8. American Eagle, $100

SG Says: Another number that does all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you pair this holiday-esque style with an OCBD and chinos or a t-shirt and jeans, get ready for the “Well don’t you look stylish” compliments to start rolling right in.

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