Active clothing for your winter wardrobe

Exercising in winter can be a little more troubling than exercising in the summer, mainly due to the coldness of winter combined with other possible weather conditions, such as snow, ice, sleet or rain, making it less desirable to step out of your house and start that much needed work out. Whether you like to exercise outside or in the gym, sometimes leaving your warm house can be the hardest part of the whole work out. Today we are going to look at the best exercise clothes to keep you warm and motivated this winter.


Yoga pant/work out trousers:

Summer workouts are full of minimal clothing and you will more than likely have been wearing your shorts but as winter comes round you will want to invest in something to keep you a little warmer, something with a full leg, to keep you warmer when you are exercising outside. A pair of yoga pants or work out trousers will keep you warm against the elements while still allowing you to perform at your best.


Exercise vest:

You will still want to exercise using your regular work out vest, despite you thinking it is far too cold to wear something so little. Pair with some warmer layers to keep your warm at the beginning of your workout (see more below) and once you are working out you will be thankful that you can remove layers. Working out is a hot and sweaty business so something cooling and loose is definitely recommended.


Warm layer: Hoody or sweater:

With the biggest problem of working out in the winter being the cold and other weather conditions, a great warm layer of either a base layer, hoody or warm sweater will help to keep you warm at least at the beginning of your work out and when you first leave the house. If you are exercising outside, such as going for a run you might find that once you get started you will be warm enough and this layer will not be needed. It is important however to keep those muscles warm while you warm up and as well for your cool down to prevent any unwanted injuries.


Strong grip shoes:

With the potential for wet and icy surfaces, maybe even snow depending on where you live, if you are looking to exercise outside throughout the winter months then you might want to invest into some running or mounting shoes with a good grip to ensure that you will still be able to exercise and run no matter what the weather is like outside.


By making all these changes in your winter wardrobe you will be able to winter proof yourself, your wardrobe and your exercise routine.


Image by Wokandapix is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)