All About Lindsay Lohan’s Husband and Baby’s Father, Bader Shammas

Lindsay Lohan revealed she and husband Bader Shammas managed to keep their marriage secret for months with her one-year wedding anniversary post shared on April 3, 2023. (Their marriage was first reported in July 2022.)

But while Lohan and Shammas have kept much of their love story private, they haven’t kept the milestones completely to themselves, including their first pregnancy, wedding anniversary, and the birth of their baby.

In November 2021, Lohan announced she was engaged to Shammas. She captioned the carousel of smiling engagement photos, “My love. My life. My family. My future. #love” and added a diamond ring emoji.

In July 2o22, People confirmed that Lohan and Shammas were married. She posted an Instagram that seemingly spilled the news too, although she later took the post down. It said, via People:

“🎂❤️🥰I am the luckiest woman in the world. Not because I need a man, but because he found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that this is my husband. My life and my everything. ❤️every woman should feel like this everyday 💖🙏.”

And on March 14, 2023, she announced they were expecting their first child together. “We are blessed and excited! 🙏🤍👶🍼,” she wrote, tagging her husband in the post.

Shortly after, she celebrated the wedding anniversary and shared the real date they got married: “April 3, 2023 ❤️ 1 year today ❤️ Happy Anniversary ☺️”

On July 17, 2023, the couple announced the birth of their first child: baby boy Luai.

Here, what to know about Shammas and Lohan:

Who is Bader Shammas?

Shammas is a financier and he currently works as the Assistant Vice President at banking firm Credit Suisse. He previously worked as an associate with BNP Paribas Wealth Management. He earned a degree in 2010 from the University of South Florida in Mechanical Engineering and eventually received a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from John H. Sykes College of Business.

How did Shammas and Lohan meet?

Lohan shared the story of meeting her husband to Allure in June 2023. She met him at a Dubai restaurant on a Monday night. “I said, ‘You look like someone I know.’ He was like, ‘No, I don’t, who?’” she recalled, then sharing the pair spoke for hours that evening“And then I said to him, ‘I feel like you’re the person I’m going to be with forever.’ I’d never been able to talk to someone like this.”

How long did Shammas and Lohan date before getting engaged?

Lohan and Shammas kept their relationship very private, but The Independent reported that prior to their engagement, they had been together about two years. A source told The Sun earlier in 2021 that their relationship was doing well, saying, “Lindsay’s relationship with Bader [Shammas] is going strong. She has been with him for about two years now.”

Lohan later revealed to Allure that Shammas proposed to her in Utah while she was filming Falling for Christmas.

Has she mentioned him on social media before?

There was a post from Lohan in February of 2020 of herself out with band members of the rock band Bastille at a Dubai rock concert, which she initially captioned, “@aliana lovely night with sister and my boyfriend bader such a magical night.”

londsay lohan


But shortly after she edited the caption and now the post seems to be deleted entirely. Her post revealing her marriage also was taken down.

Where do they live?

The couple resides in Dubai, where Lohan has lived for the last seven years.

Has Lohan been engaged before?

The Mean Girls actress was previously engaged to Russian business heir Egor Tarabasov, before their split in 2017. Lohan has since claimed that Tarabasov was physically abusive. Tarabosov has emphatically denied all abuse claims and accused Lohan of launching a “smear campaign” against him.

Has Lohan said anything about Shammas in interviews?

Lohan purposely tries to keep their relationship private, but to Cosmopolitan in an interview published in October 2022, she did offer a few gushing words about her husband. When asked who her support system is, Lohan credited Shammas: “Well, I have an amazing husband, who’s a very calm person,” she said. “Just the best. And my family. And I feel like I have a small group of good friends who are just really good people. That’s the only support that I really need: friends, family, and loved ones.

Cosmopolitan added in its interview footnotes that Shammas has “exceptionally chill energy” and stopped by her shoot set. “Lindsay is resolute in keeping the details of their relationship private but occasionally slips in compliments about him on her podcast, where she’s said, ‘He is one of the wisest people I know and gives the most sound advice,’” the outlet wrote.

In March 2024, Lohan spoke with ET! about what it was like working with Shammas on her new Netflix rom-com, Irish Wish. Her husband is credited as an executive producer on the film.

“It was a fun experience. Netflix does that really well—the set becomes a family,” she recalled. “We laughed a lot. Sometimes we broke and had to go back.”

“It was great, but I think it wasn’t for him [Bader]!” the Mean Girls actress joked.

What has Lohan and Shammas said about their first pregnancy?

Lohan posted on her instagram that she and Shammas were expecting their first baby on March 14, 2023. She did not disclose the baby’s sex or due date at the time, but gave an additional statement to TMZ, saying, “We are very excited for our new family member to arrive and we are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives!”

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, she shared a carousel of pictures from her recent life as an expecting mom, including shots from her baby shower and with her smiling husband. In the caption, she wrote, “Good times ☺️🤰So grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life!”

And on the last day of June 2023, Us Weekly reported the couple are expecting a baby boy. A source said the pregnancy “has been smooth and amazing” and they are “debating baby names.”

As for the baby’s surname, the insider says, “Lindsay is traditional and it’s even more exciting because she now has an even greater bond with her husband because their son will carry his last name.”

When did Lohan and Shammas get married?

Despite reports of their wedding not coming out until July 2022, Lohan and Shammas actually tied the knot on April 3, 2022. The couple did not share wedding photos or more details on where the nuptials happen. Lohan confirmed their wedding date in her one-year anniversary post.

When did Lohan and Shammas welcome their first son?

The exact birth date for Lohan and Shammas’ baby boy wasn’t initially announced, but Lohan’s rep gave a statement announcing his birth on July 17, 2023. “Lindsay Lohan and her financier husband, Bader Shammas, welcomed a beautiful, healthy son named Luai,” the rep said. “The family is over the moon in love.”

People wrote that the name Luai is Arabic and means “shield or protector.” He was born in Dubai.

What does Shammas think of Lohan’s fame and career?

Lohan opened up about what her husband thinks of her work and the acting industry in a March 2024 interview with Bustle.

With the acting world, “he will support me because I’m in it. You know what I mean?” she said. She added that she likes to include him in her projects because “he’s very intuitive and has a very good understanding of how things are going to work out in the end. He can kind of foresee things. So I like getting his advice on everything and having him be a part of it. I just feel safer.”

The couple had a date night in California in March 2024.

Lohan and Shammas were seen on the opening weekend of Irish Wish on Netflix celebrating at Santa Monica restaurant Giorgio Baldi. Lohan was wearing a sparkling cream knit dress with a matching faux fur coat and sandal heels.

celebrity sightings in santa monica march 16, 2024

Perception/Bauer-Griffin//Getty Images

Shammas wore a black blazer, jeans, a tan shirt, and a pair of brown leather dress shoes. The couple held hands as they walked.

Lohan gave a rare look at her and Shammas in her 2024 birthday Instagram.

Lohan offered a glimpse into her marriage when she shared a carousel of photos from her 38th birthday celebration. She and Shammas posed together in two pictures from her party.

lindsay lohan and bader shammas


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