Beyoncé Sent Reese Witherspoon a Case of Champagne After the Golden Globes: ‘More Water’

Having the courage to ask Beyoncé for a glass of champagne and letting your friend Jennifer Aniston Instagram it pays off. Reese Witherspoon was rewarded divinely for her big viral moment from the Golden Globes last week. The actress posted multiple Instagram Stories revealing Beyoncé and Jay-Z sent her flowers and an entire case of Armand de Brignac “Ace of Spades” champagne. Their note ingeniously and simply said, “More water.” Witherspoon and her mom were ecstatic. They started drinking immediately. Wouldn’t you?

Aniston is the reason this happened. The actress posted multiple photos on her Instagram Story, recounting the moment a very gutsy Witherspoon decided, since their table was out of water, to ask Bey for some of their table’s champagne. Beyoncé and Jay-Z brought two bottles, carried by their own bodyguard into the ceremony. They made headlines for their big BYOB move. (The two arrived late during the ceremony, skipping the red carpet. Beyoncé was nominated for Best Original Song there for her track “Spirit” from The Lion King.)

Aniston captioned her photo, “Reese!? This is one of the many reasons I love you. We ran out of water at our table. So naturally, she asked Jay Z and Beyoncé for a glass of their champagne.” Aniston then shared an Instagram Story of herself drinking it and tagged Beyoncé’s account, which clearly was an effective way to get Queen Bey’s attention.



So be brave and ask for what you want. For Witherspoon, it really paid off.

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