Getting Outside: Your Exercise Style

The sun is out, spring is almost over and summer is here! With the heat of the sun back in our lives and sunny days almost every day (hopefully!) it is time to get outside and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. When the weather perks up often so does our appetite for exercise and this of course means a wardrobe which is acceptable for outdoors (and indoors exercise).


A supportive sports bra:

One for the ladies here, but one of the most important pieces of exercise fashion you can purchase. When you are exercising you want to feel secure and supported so depending on your chest size you will want to decide on a sports bra that is right for you, but ideally something which ensures there is little to no movement while you are working out.


A racer back sports vest:

A sports vest is a good investment as it will keep you cool while also keeping your well supported. If you choose a semi-fit sports tank top it will fit to your body without being body hugging and too tight. A breathable and lightweight material will enable your body to breathe leaving you comfortable and supported.


A base layer/sports jacket:

For evening work outs, for those cooler days or maybe even just for something to put on while you are doing your cool down, a small lightweight sports jacket or base layer will help to keep you insulated post exercise.


Exercise shorts:

The hot weather might bring us outside to exercise but the heat of the summer can be counterproductive so ensure that you have a great pair of exercise shorts. A pair of sports shorts with two layers, the top layer and a short liner, will provide a more comfortable and supportive fit along with a wide range of motion, making them suitable regardless of the activity. While exercising in the heat ensure that you are sensible, do not exercise in the midday sun and always drink plenty of fluids. If you feel lightheaded or unwell be sure to discuss this with your medical provider.


Yoga pants:

Maybe it is a bit cooler where you live or maybe you just are not comfortable wearing shorts to exercise in, but a great pair of yoga pants will help you feel comfortable and ready to exercise. With a looser fit than the shorts you will feel comfortable throughout your daily workout. Plus the wide waistband will ensure the yoga pants stay in place no matter how much you move around.

Running shoes:

Whether you are planning on running, walking or doing any other type of training a good pair of sports shoes is a must. With a springy sole, laces to close and a heel support you will feel comfortable no matter your running ability.


Image by stevepb is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)