Great Ways to Work Mixed Metals Into Your Wardrobe

Mixing metals is a fun and funky way to really bring your style up a couple notches. However, many people are afraid to mix metals because they aren’t sure how you can do it without looking like you have no idea what you are doing. Luckily, fashion has found a few ways to save the day because they have created beautiful pieces that are just ripe for the mixing. Let’s take a look:

On Your Lips

Really love your silvery jewelry but want to get that mixed metal feel? Don’t forget that you can get your metals elsewhere! Putting some gold on your lips will help bring your entire look together, and most of us don’t want to wear silver on our lips anyway. Go for a high quality gold lipstick that will last all day. Cheaper metallic lipsticks and liquid lips have a tendency to wear off sooner.

Chunky Heels

If you want to add a bit of mixed metal into your look but don’t want to really bring too much attention to it, consider adding some two-tone heels that look silver in one light but gold in another. This will give you the best of both world and people will surely pay attention. Another tip? Add it with a great pedicure in another metallic shade for a complete look.

Remember that you want to go chunkier for a more casual look or thin for a more formal one.


Around Your Neck

Layering your necklaces around your neck helps you to make the most of your real estate – especially if you have a longer neck. Try layering delicate gold necklaces with delicate silver necklaces for the best look. You can find tons of these necklaces all over – they can be expensive, cheap, or a mixture of the two.


Funky Formal Wear

Funky skirts that make use of different metals are really a lot of fun as well. Try to find a skit that has a metallic overtone, but uses metallic thread to really set the skirt into the next realm of fashion. When wearing this much metallic, try to keep the rest of your outfit calm and without many metallic finishes.

Many people shy away from wearing metallics and even more won’t wear two rival metals at the same time. However, they were made to help each other out and look great together, so why not take advantage of it?

Image by nastya_gepp licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)

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