Make up to take away on a winter sun holiday

When it comes to this time of year the winter is starting to get to us all and it is the perfect time to start thinking about jetting away for some winter sunshine. When it comes to visiting somewhere sunnier in the winter you of course start to wonder what you need to bring with you, because the lazy days of summer seem such a far off distant memory that you cannot even remember what you usually wear or bring on vacation when the weather is hot and sunny. Today we are going to focus on your make up bag. When it is hot and sunny, and more importantly when you are travelling, you do not want to take all your make up items from home with you. So let us look at saving space and finding the perfect must have items you will want to pack in your vacation make up bag in 2017.


Firstly, pick up a small make up bag

When you are travelling you will want to optimise the maximum amount of space so picking out a smaller make up bag for travelling makes sense. You will not need to take everything you usually use at home so a small make up bag will work fine for any trips you have planned.


A face primer

When you are away in the sunshine you definitely do not need a full coverage foundation and a great option is a face primer. You can then decide whether or not you want to pack yourself a light coverage foundation, a BB cream or whether you just want to cover your primer with a light face powder.


Eye lid Primer

When you are somewhere hot one of the most important things is keeping your make up in place and this is where you eye lid primer comes in. It will help to keep your eye make up in place all day and/or night.


A small eye shadow palette

You definitely do not need all the colors under the sun when you are on vacation so a small palette will give you a number of eye shadows to play with. With a small number of different colors you will be able to create a number of different eye shadow looks to try throughout the course of your vacation.


Blush and/or Bronzer

Brighten up your cheeks or ooze that tanned vacation glow with a blush or a bronzer. If you are looking for a blush pick something to give your cheeks a healthy glow and when choosing a bronzer you can select something that will help to give your face a natural, tanned look.


Image by kinkate is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)