Scarves, Scarves, Scarves: Accessory of the Season

It is coming up on that point of the year – when we need to wrap up a little tighter with something that can easily be removed later on in the day when it gets warmer. Scarves make the perfect accessory for this – and for so much more. They are easy to use when you want to cover your hair in the storm when you need to cover a stain from lunch, or even when you just need something to make your outfit feel just a bit better.

With so many different styles of scarves, the possibilities are endless.

Go for the Edge

So often, we think of scarves as being romantic or soft – but why not change that up? Pick a scarf that has some edgy details or prints. This will allow you to stay warm but not go too far outside of your style if you aren’t the type of have that romantic look. There are plenty of scarves with studs or metallic details that can help to edge up your look.

Just make sure that if you do go with these accents that you are careful about the fabrics that you wear with them.

Feel the Fur

A fur scarf is a great way to add texture and style to your wardrobe. This is definitely the best scarf for your cooler days. You probably want to go with a faux fur since it is more humane – and they are really making them look at lot better and more realistic.

Plus, faux fur can be printed with great patterns, bright colors, and just about anything you need.

Oversized Scarves

For travel, weekends, or just covering up when you have to step outside for a bit, oversized scarves can be one of the best ways to stay warm and look chic. It can be used for just about anything that you need it to be used for, which is why it is so useful – use it as a blanket overtop of you, underneath you, fold it into a bag to carry things, use it to protect valuables, and so much more.

If you plan on traveling frequently and using it a lot, you may want to buy a scarf that is easily laundered.

Silky and Smooth

A beautifully printed silk scarf never goes out of style and can go almost anywhere on your person. Tie it around your ponytail so that it looks a bit more fashionable, use it to keep your neck warmer, use it to wipe away some sweat on a warmer day, or even tie it to your purse to make it a little more fashionable.

How will you wear a scarf?

Image by Free-Photos licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)