Shopping Roundup: How to Wear White This Summer

Clearly we’ve got wearing white on the brain. After name checking the neutral hue as the pants du jour for warm weather, we thought we’d go even farther, pulling together even more ideas on how to wear white this summer.

Below, how to wear white this summer:

Start with white jeans

via One Dapper Street

SG Says: We’ve already talked about how white jeans are a great way to break into summer whites. They’re more sturdy than linen and (hopefully?) won’t make you feel like you’ve been dropped into a 90s boy band music video. Not quite feeling a blinding-white hue? Go for a pair in an off-white shade to turn down the volume.

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Layer your whites

via Pinterest

SG Says: Brad Pitt loves him a head to toe white look. See the two pictures above? Not the same outfit! On the left he’s wearing short sleeves, and on the right, long sleeves. He just loves white that much.

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Buck Mason, $32

Break it up

Ryan Gosling via LaineyGossip

SG Says: A breezy white dress shirt (and white dress shoes!) looks great on the French Riviera, sure, but you can pull off this Gosling-approved look where you live too.

And like the Gos, you can always pair your white with a neutral like grey or navy, or even add a bold hue for a standout.

Wear white like any other neutral..head-to-toe

Kanye West via GQ

SG Says: In the same way that you might wear dark blue jeans with a blue pocket tee, why not wear white on white on white? The blues might not be exactly the same, and it’s okay because it’s all in the same color family. Look at white in that same way.

In fact, just pretend you’re wearing gray. It’ll feel less scary.

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Adidas, $100

White, but make it (athleisure) fashion

Justin Bieber, Drake

Dunno what it is, but there’s just something about a man in a sporty white lewk.

Dress It Up

Eddie Redmayne via GQ

SG Says: How to wear white this summer? In a suit! Well, maybe not white, but certainly stone, or at least tan.

White is a color of leisure, but it doesn’t mean you should look too casual. Swap out your sneakers for loafers, your t-shirt for a gingham button-down.

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Go with brown accessories: Not black. The whole vibe will feel less aggressive.

Drink and eat safe: If you’re nervous about wearing white for reasons that have nothing to do with fashion, stick to light-colored liquids and maybe pass on the red wine. We’re sure you’d be fine, but why press your luck?

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