Stylish ways to see you into the New Year!

For those of you who celebrate we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating this holiday season, and for today we have an exciting post to get your ready for some 2017 style.


Jeans, Jeans, Jeans:

When it comes to pants you really cannot go wrong with jeans. There are number of options you might want to choose from depending on what suits you and depending on your body shape, but the common favourites are skinny jeans, boot cut jeans and boyfriend jeans, and these will all continue to be big fashion pleasers in 2017.



Stripes have been in fashion for a while now and 2017 will see stripes continue their dominance in the fashion industry. Whether you are looking for some striped pants, a striped shirt or maybe even a striped sweater, if you jump on board now you will be right on trend when this fashion statement continues to wow in the new year. If stripes are not for you keep your eyes peeled as prints are set to be huge throughout 2017.


Athletic Attire:

This is definitely one you will not have seen staying and that is the dominance of athletic inspired pieces, from fashionable sweat pants to sneakers, if you want to get in with the stylish set then start thinking about what athletic inspired pieces you will want to add to your wardrobe. As for sneakers they are going to be an extremely popular choice of footwear in the new year,



Fashion trends are not just focused on individual pieces, sometimes it is whole colors which begin to reign supreme and for 2017 the resurgence of candy pink and sunshine yellow will definitely dominate and these will be perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Pick yourself a candy pink top or a sunshine yellow dress to keep your wardrobe completely up to date.



You either love them or you hate them but the bralette is back! Perfect for under a loose top as spring and summer approach and some of the biggest designers have them placed over your office attire, namely on the outside of shirts. Are we going to see a brand new bralette trend sweeping across our fashion industry?


Mules & Kitten Heels are back:

Remember those kitten heels you got rid of years ago when they went out of fashion? Well, they are back and you might have to consider a repurchase. Kitten heels are great for those of us who are not keen on heels and look great paired with some more elegant outfits. Mules are also set to make a comeback so you might struggle if you are looking for a shoe with a back this spring and summer.


Image by laleyla is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)