The 10 Best Palm Print Pieces for Guys This Spring and Summer

Living in northern California now, I’ve got a weird relationship to the seasons changing. Mostly because, well, they don’t really.

I think I’ll always feel wistful when they’re changing in other places. In May, I’m ready for swimsuit season. In August, I’m pretty sure I’ll be eighty years old and still feel the urge for a Target visit with my mom to pick up new pens, pencils, folders, and notebooks for the coming school year. Who’s with me?!

nostalgia month style girlfriend

Whenever I start feeling change of season-induced nostalgia, I really double down on my wardrobe reflecting that feeling. If you’re feeling similarly inclined to welcome in summer with your style, I’ve got just the thing. Why not add an item in a super-duper warm weather style like palm leaf print style to your wardrobe? You already know about SG HQ’s love for prints and patterns, so it’s only natural to express yourself through this eternal summer style!

Below, 10 of our favorite pieces featuring palm print style for guys:

1. Onia, $195

onia palm print swim trunks

SG Says: There’s no shortage of short-sleeve button-ups featuring palm prints (and yes, you’ll find a few below), but why not think outside the box with your palm prints this season? These swim trunks from Onia are just the thing to say, “Welcome summer!”

2. Bonobos, $198

SG Says: A bomber is an unexpected way to bring a palm print into your spring and summer wardrobe.

3. Tommy Hilfiger, $100

SG Says: For the students taking summer classes, or the dads on diaper duty, this fun Tommy Hilfiger backpack could be just the right move.

4. J.Crew, $55

SG Says: Did we mention we’re into a “fun short” for summer? This pair from J.Crew is an eensy bit long for my liking, but hey, they’re casual! And breezy! Just like you will be all summer long, covered in cool, #SGapproved prints and patterns.

5. Anonymous Ism, $20

SG Says: Sometimes you have to bring the beach to the boardroom.

6. Asos, $52

SG Says: Do not come at me trying to say, “Gabi, I could n ever pull off a palm print two-piece poolside swerve like this.” Because you could! And you should! This Asos lewk would be perfect for that mid-May bachelor party in Vegas that your boys have already put down money for a cabana.

7. Banana Republic, $60

SG Says: More shorts! What can I say? I can’t help myself.

8. Allsaints, $130

SG Says: Okay. this is more of a Birds of Paradise situation than true palm leaves, but hey, we’re keeping things flora and fauna in general. The camp collar on this Allsaints style is what really puts it over the top for me.

9. Forever 21, $7

SG Says: Palm prints don’t have to stay on your clothes. Consider accessories, like this summer-ready phone case, if you want to keep your pattern play off your wardrobe.

10. Bonobos, $88

SG Says: What, did you think you were going to make it out of this easy breezy palm print style for guys shopping list without us suggesting a Bonobos Riviera shirt?


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