The 13 Best Fall Bags for Men

Look, I get that shopping for a new fall bag for work (or even college) isn’t as exciting as shopping for back to school supplies was as a kid. I can’t do anything about that except to say, I feel your pain. Getting to fill the tabs of a new file folder each September was truly my jam back in the day.

While new pens and pencils help ease the pain of giving up days at the neighborhood pool in favor of cafeteria lunches and a half hour recess, a new fall bag can at least help buoy your spirits when you leave work and it’s already dark out.

Here at SG HQ, we want to make the transition from summer to fall a little more exciting even for the old folks out there who had to make do with Summer Fridays and a long weekend or two. So, along with fresh picks for fall sweaters and fall jackets, we’ve pulled together our favorite fall bags for men.

Upgrade with the best fall bags for men, below:

1. Herschel Supply Co., $195

SG Says: Not a fan of backpacks or briefcases? Don’t resort to a gym bag just yet.

A sturdy tote will look polished enough for work, while being functional enough to actually store your workout gear.

2. Everlane, $68

3. Saturdays NYC, $117

SG Says: No, you don’t have to stick to neutrals with a backpack…though you might want to stay away from patterns, and anything PJ Masks-esque.

4. Ted Baker, $319

SG Says: Love love LOVE this blue leather from Ted Baker. They also have a similar style in a technical fabric for less if you’re still working your way up the ladder.

5. Barbour, $200

SG Says: Did you even know Barbour, the patron saint of waxed canvas field jackets, made bags? Us either! This laptop bag in coated canvas is so-o-o-o dreamy, and honestly at $200 is a steal given the high quality heritage.

6. United By Blue, $158

SG Says: A hybrid between and briefcase and messenger bag, this United by Blue number is ideal for a recent grad’s first foray into the non-backpack arena.

Waxed canvas with leather details is sturdy yet versatile enough to dress up and down.

7. J.Crew, $118

SG Says: If your office is more jeans and Converse than suit and tie, a messenger bag is an easy briefcase alternative. 

It’s more grown-up than a backpack, yet equally functional.

8. Boarding Pass NYC, $195

SG Says: (Basically) a backpack, but make it fashion.

9. Coach, $495

SG Says: The hint of camo gives off subtle Jack Ryan, “Maybe I’m a data analyst or ma-a-a-a-ybe I’m an international spy?!” vibes (is that what the show is about? We don’t have Amazon Prime…)

10. Carhartt Work in Progress, $68

11. FEED Project, $28

SG Says: If you’re going to just throw all your things in a tote bag (no shame!), you could do some good while you’re going maintenance. The purchase of this bag, from Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED Project, will feed ten children in schools around the world, and here in America, through their on-the-ground giving partners.

12. Fjallraven, $150

13. Banana Republic, $159

SG Says: When you want to be hip but can’t afford the sneakers.


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