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MONTH OF December

Huddle at home or race toward the mistletoe? Tough call. You’ll be in the mood for nesting AND celebration as the decade draws to a close. Pulling you homeward is the Sagittarius Sun, which is hunkered in your domestic fourth house until December 21, blanketing you in cozy vibes. But as fast as you pull a fleece-lined hoodie off the hanger, an irresistible invitation could have you reaching for regalia (think: something that sparkles, shimmers and draws all eyes your way). All month, a clutch of Capricorn planets—including newcomer Jupiter and a “ring of fire” eclipse—will turn up the blaze in your fifth house of passion, glamour and love. While you shouldn’t skimp on downtime, your self-care breaks might fall more in the category of “disco nap” than “early hibernation.” (And feel free to invite a sexy companion to the adjacent pillow.)

The main event occurs when Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, powers into Capricorn on December 2 for just over a year, staying until December 19, 2020. All through 2019, Jupiter was in Sagittarius and your fourth house of home and family, making for a nostalgic and reflective year. You may have slipped off the grid a bit, spending time in solitude or with only your nearest and dearest. Well, that’s about to change! As Jupiter zooms into Capricorn and your expressive, flamboyant fifth house, the spotlight is headed your way. A year of passion, pleasure, romance and creativity awaits. The fifth house rules fertility, so Virgos of the childbearing set might add to their brood. Or you could birth an artistic “baby”—a pet project that bears your signature stamp.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete a trip around the zodiac and return to each sign (it was last here from December 19, 2007, to January 5, 2009). In Capricorn, Jupiter is said to be in “fall,” or its least comfortable position. It makes sense: Jupiter rules expansion and abundance while cautious Capricorn sets up boundaries and limits. But once they settle their fundamental differences, these two forces can work well together, helping you take calculated risks and aim your ambitious arrows at achievable targets.

A day of sexy spontaneity arrives on December 15, when Jupiter makes a rare and sizzling trine with shock jock Uranus, which is in your eighth house of sex and intimacy. With these freedom-seeking planets uniting, It’s possible that you could get information that takes you by surprise—a secret may be revealed around an attraction or within your love life. Perhaps someone will confess a steamy desire! (It might just be you…)

Still, with the Sun in Sagittarius and your home sector, the backdrop will be cozy and domestic until December 21. But there’s one day to earmark for purely professional pursuits. On December 12, the year’s only Gemini full moon will land in your ambitious tenth house, which could bring accolades or a leadership opportunity that wraps up the decade with a bow. A promotion or pivot could be in the cards. If you feel ready to move in a totally new career direction for the new decade, this full moon could bring a decisive moment. The next day, a galvanizing Mars-Neptune trine hits your relationship sectors and could signal an exciting and serendipitous situation within your social circle.

The Capricorn extravaganza really kicks in on December 21, when the Sun strides in and activates your festive and flamboyant fifth house for a month. Hello, holiday hedonism! With the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto all in the sign of the Sea Goat for the rest of the year—joined by your ruler, chatty Mercury, on December 28—passion is in the air. Hosting a party, keeping the mistletoe in use or just flirting up a storm? You’ll be plenty busy with all of that. This is a richly creative time, so Virgos in artistic and performance fields could get a holiday visit from the muse. (Santa WHO?)

Christmas Day is snuggly as the moon hangs out in Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house, offsetting the wilder energy of the fifth house planets. But don’t get too comfy in your fleece-lined reindeer PJs, Virgo. The next day (December 26), the decade’s final solar eclipse arrives astride the Capricorn new moon. This is an annular eclipse, also known as a “ring of fire” for the flaming outline of the Sun that appears behind the moon’s passing shadow. If you’ve been hiding YOUR light, this eclipse won’t let your talents stay in the shadows! It’s time to be seen and to enjoy the applause you’ve earned. Take a bow, Virgo!

The spotlight gets even brighter on December 27 as the Sun and Jupiter make their once-a-year meetup. Considered the luckiest day of the year by some astrologers—AND in the wake of the eclipse—it will be impossible to keep a low profile. So get yourself camera-ready and have fun with it! Stage a street-style photo shoot for your Instagram feed. Plan an epic all-day adventure with your favorite plus-one and get decadent together. As these two bold and fearless luminaries hold their summit in your joyful fifth house, you’re reminded that life CAN be driven by passion and fun. What are your burning desires, Virgo? Feel them in your core, then write your 2020 resolutions or intentions from a space of aliveness.

With romance on the radar as the decade wraps, you could meet someone so attractive it takes your breath away. Sounds like Hollywood scripted fare, we know. But with all this cosmic energy in your dramatic fifth house, life could deliver a few “big-screen moments” IRL.

Carry that breathtaking energy over to New Year’s Eve! Not only are five heavenly bodies in Capricorn, but the moon and enchanting Neptune are both hanging out in Pisces, activating your seventh house of committed relationships. Single Virgos could meet someone amazing or get VERY clear about the kind of partner you want to attract in the year ahead. For couples, this is a moment to celebrate together. Pull out all the stops and the sequins—and keep the energy high. Ride that wave into 2020, Virgo. A vibrant new year awaits!


Love is the main event for the first three weeks of the month, as vixen Venus cavorts through Capricorn and your pleasure-driven fifth house until December 20. This annual transit can rev up your It factor all by itself, but with supersizer Jupiter here from December 2 (for a full year!), your mojo is back with a vengeance! Make a habit of glamming up for the holiday parties and letting your frisky side out to play. That astrological cliche about Virgos being shy flies out the window as your inner performer takes the stage. Flaunt your talents AND your wits. The more that you can be authentically you, the better. Watch your fan base grow!

Over in sultry Scorpio and your expressive third house, passionate Mars is making you feel flirty, frisky and fun all month. Couples should take advantage of this social season by mingling and making merry together a whole lot more—even if one of you has to talk the other into it. Just being together will keep your attraction flowing. Sparks could fly with a friend or someone you meet hanging out casually. Even dating apps can feel especially fruitful.

On December 20, Venus embarks on a monthlong cruise through Aquarius and your sixth house of service and self-care. If you’ve overloaded yourself with work trying to beat the EOY clock—or with holiday decadence—this transit can turn your attention back to numero uno and help you prioritize self-nurturing. Whether that means getting some bodywork, rest or just scheduling a few quiet nights IN on your own, you have to be proactive about not slipping into overdrive. For couples, this is a sweet time to do some holiday volunteering together and caring for the less-privileged. The sixth house also rules animals, so if you’ve been considering adopting a pet, this is an absolutely perfect time!

Key Dates:
December 11: Venus-Saturn meetup

Will this romance putter along in first gear forever—or is it time to take it to the next level? As Venus unites with serious, structured Saturn, you might want to discuss where things are going or explore whether an attraction is mutual. One small step will do the trick during this measured cycle. For couples, “baby talk” could get real, or you might recognize a need to put “together time” on the calendar if the romance has fallen by the wayside. Sobering Saturn can take some of the fun out of things, so try not to make your love life into a daunting or dramatic chore. Leave plenty of room in your plans for spontaneity!


Ready to claim your star power, Virgo? The spotlight is headed your way, and it’s yours for the taking! Starting December 2, expansive Jupiter soars into Capricorn until December 19, 2020, igniting your fifth house of fame, passion and creativity. While Virgos are often stereotyped as pencil-pushing data wonks, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your sign can be highly entertaining and talented, and rich in artistic abilities. While effusive Jupiter is here—and joined by structured Saturn and transformational Pluto—you could attract major attention for your ideas as we move into the new decade. The December 26 solar eclipse could nudge you (and not gently) into center stage. As the saying goes: If you stay, you won’t have to get ready.

On December 12, a shining career moment arrives as the Gemini full moon beams into your tenth house of professional success. A goal you’ve been working toward over the past six months could come together with a flourish. Full moons can also mark endings or transitions. Have you gone as far as you want on a certain path? The decade may end with a major change of direction. Before you jump ship, take serious stock of your talents, salary requirements and savings. Do you have the skills or resume to make a career switch—or might you need an internship? If so, do you have enough in the bank to sustain you through this bold move? Most importantly, focus on your passions. With a little foresight, you can make the leap.

It won’t take long for you to hear of opportunities or to get word out that you’re looking. With energizer Mars in Scorpio and your third house of communication all month (and until January 3), your network is on fire. Work your connections and ask your friends to make referrals. Collect testimonials from former colleagues and clients. Get your marketing materials up to code and, if you’re a business owner, send an email blast and hold a flash sale on social media. Businesswise, this could be one of your most lucrative months if you hustle hard and spread the word.

Key Dates:
December 8: Sun-Neptune square

Leave the family drama at home! There’s work to be done today, and if your mind isn’t on it, it’ll show. Throw yourself into the most demanding part of a project; this way, you may have not a choice but to focus intensely.

Love Days: 26, 4
Money Days: 11, 20
Luck Days: 9, 18
Off Days: 6, 15, 29

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